Samsung hopes to sell 3.75 million Note 4s on launch weekend, 15 million in first month

It looks as though Samsung fans may have trouble finding a Galaxy Note Edge -- the phonemaker's oddball smartphone with a curved display that wraps around the side of the front face.

In an interview with ZDNet Korea (published in Korean language), a Samsung executive said the company plans to make the device a "limited edition" and roll it out on a "country by country" basis.

The device will first launch in South Korea "before November".  While it should eventually creep into the U.S. -- likely in November -- it's expected to only be available in limited quantities.  Samsung indicates it hopes to sell a few million of the device in the next three months.

Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung may be making a wise move.  Feedback, including here on DailyTech, was enthusiastic for the standard Galaxy Note 4, but tepid at best for the Galaxy Note Edge.  Reviews of the device were also pretty lukewarm.

Still, the device does feature a noteworthy spec, despite the odd for factor.  Other than the curved display, the Galaxy Note Edge is virtually identical to the Galaxy Note 4.  It may yet win some admirers, but those who want it may find Samsung's cool approach towards sales of the device disappointing. 

At this point those who are eagerly awaiting the Note Edge have precious little to go on in terms of release information.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

It is unclear what its price will be.  And there's still no definite timetable for launch, no definitive pricing information, and no U.S. preorders for the quirky device.  In other words, even if you're in the minority that finds the Note Edge gorgeous, the availability might not be quite so attractive.

Sources: ZDNet Korea [Google Translated from Korean], via GSM Arena

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