If asking nicely doesn't work, Nokia will likely try to force HTC into it with a ban on Android-powered HTC phones in the U.S.

Microsoft is looking to spread Windows Phone's love to hardware other than Nokia, and HTC is on its radar. 

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft’s operating systems unit head Terry Myerson approached HTC about using the Windows Phone OS as an alternative option on handsets that traditionally use Google's Android. Microsoft is even considering cutting or terminating the license fee for the OS for this arrangement. 

The two companies haven't yet reached a deal concerning this proposal. HTC hasn't released a handset featuring the Windows Phone OS since June of this year, and it doesn't seem to have any on the burner for future releases. 

Microsoft is clearly on a mission to partner up with more hardware makers despite its recent $7.2 billion purchase of Nokia's devices and services unit. However, the company might want to be a little more selective about who it chooses since HTC hasn't been in a great financial position lately.

HTC reported a third-quarter net loss of NT$2.97 billion ($101 million USD), which represents the company’s first loss "on a consolidated basis" since 2008. HTC even tried an executive shakeup in July amid a stock slump and a poor quarterly outlook.

Interestingly, it was reported just days ago that Nokia is looking to ban all Android-powered HTC smartphones from the U.S. This looks like an attempt to either score licensing fees, or force HTC into using Windows Phone OS instead of asking nicely for it. 

Nokia alleges that Qualcomm's radio circuitry inside the Snapdragon 600 and other smartphone components violate dozens of patents owned by Nokia.  But rather than sue Qualcomm, Nokia has decided to selectively target phonemakers that use these chips.

Source: Bloomberg

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