Hulu running on a Nexus One (Android 2.2/Froyo)  (Source: Absolutely Android)
Hulu junkies rejoice, you can now run the popular website on an Android 2.2 device

When Android 2.2 was launched on Thursday, one of the most prominent features of the operating system was the support for Adobe Flash 10.1. While Adobe Flash can be used for things like animations and advertisements on websites, many people foamed at the mouth in anticipation of watching Hulu videos on mobile devices running Android 2.2.

However, those hopes were quickly dashed. Ginny Miles of PC World reported last week:

Missing from all of this Flash action, of course, is Hulu. I was really disappointed when I tried-and ultimately failed-to watch an episode of "30 Rock" on the Nexus One. According to Adobe, Hulu does not own distribution rights for their content on mobile devices and therefore cannot stream video to smartphones.

Well, where there's a will, there's a way. There now is a confirmed way of enabling Hulu on Android 2.2 devices -- for now, that appears to apply to only Nexus One users at the moment as they are the only ones with access to the Android 2.2.

Absolutely Android describes a method of using the “about:debug” command in the default web browser and setting the UAString to “desktop”. This fools Hulu into thinking that it is running on a fully fledged notebook or desktop and not an "illegal" mobile device.

Another site, Android Forums, describes a similar method to enable Hulu on Android 2.2 with the Dolphin HD web browser. User NSAmouroux describes the Hulu experience on the Nexus One:

I'm watching some subbed anime episodes (Bleach) via the Viz Anime site which uses Hulu and it's playing FLAWLESSLY! Took a minute or two to load the content on my home Wifi (comcast cable) but it's playing with no slowdown / stuttering and the audio / subtitles are perfect!

So for you Nexus One users out there, give this method a try and report your results in the comments section. Be sure to try out as much Hulu content as you can and report your experiences with load times, playback performance, battery life, and heat problems (if any) that may occur.

"It seems as though my state-funded math degree has failed me. Let the lashings commence." -- DailyTech Editor-in-Chief Kristopher Kubicki

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