Intel better watch its back

According to Bloomberg, Google is considering designing its own server chips in an effort to form a more fluid interaction between its hardware and software. Google will reportedly use technology from ARM Holdings Plc. 
Google is currently Intel's fifth largest customer, but if the search giant were to move into server chips, that could hit Intel's revenue. Bloomberg said Google represents 4.3 percent of Intel's revenue. 

It would make sense if Google started designing its own server chips, considering it has already designed its own data centers complete with servers around the globe. Working with ARM isn't a bad idea either, since its chips currently rule the mobile sector when it comes to smartphones and tablets. 
There are a couple of clues that point to Google's interest in server chips. For starters, the tech player recently joined a group started by IBM, which licenses technology used in data centers -- such as chips for servers.
Google also recently posted a job opening for a digital design engineer. Specifically, Google wants someone with qualifications in application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).
Google has not yet confirmed the chip-designing rumors. 

Source: Bloomberg

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