No word on if TV panels will be made in the US

Foxconn and TV manufacturer Vizio could have an even cozier relationship in the United States by the end of 2014. Foxconn has already made it clear that it wants to open up a TV manufacturing line stateside, and it looks as though the company could kick things off with large screen Vizio TVs.
It doesn’t make financial sense for Foxconn to manufacturer 120-inch panels and ship them to the U.S., so having a manufacturing facility closer to the target market makes sense.
“We have many big projects in the U.S. coming up,” said Foxconn chairman Terry Gou. “For instance, is it possible to make our 120-inch TVs in Taiwan and ship them over? It’s impossible. We have to make them on site.”

Vizio 120" Reference Series UHD TV
Gou also talked about his future at the company and how he wants to pass the leadership baton on to newer, younger leaders.
“I believe I can work for another decade, but even if I do, I want to change the type of work I am doing,” said the 63-year-old executive. “I am trying to decrease the influence of Terry Gou at Foxconn.”
Gou also said that Foxconn wanted to hire an additional 15,000 engineers this year in Taiwan, but that the company is having trouble rounding up that many warm bodies. Perhaps this revelation will help to speed up Foxconn’s efforts to robotize its workforce with the help of Google.

Source: WSJ

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