Lanci may be headed to Samsung  (Source: BGR)
Samsung hasn't confirmed the hire

In today’s tech world, it's not uncommon to see an ousted CEO from one major tech firm landed at another major firm later on down the road. Such is the case with rumors of Samsung landing former Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci.

Lanci will be coming to Samsung in August according to sources in an effort to boost the Korean firm's notebook business. DigiTimes reports that rumors have swirled that both Dell and Samsung contacting Lanci in an effort to get him to manage their European sales channels. Apparently, ASUS and HP were also looking at Lanci as well.

Acer hasn’t yet responded to the rumor that it has landed Lanci. Apparently, Lanci has a one-year non-compete clause before he can come back to the notebook world, but Samsung has said that it would negotiate with Acer for terms that would allow Lanci to start working before that non-compete runs out according to the sources tipping Lanci for the Samsung job.

Samsung is the smallest of the firms that are reported to have been chasing Lanci. Samsung currently ranks seventh in the world computer market according to the most recent IDC numbers. Samsung is sixth in Europe. Netbooks helped push Samsung to sixth place and with the netbook not selling well Samsung needs to find a new business plan.

Lanci resigned from Acer in March after the second straight quarter of loses.

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