Upcoming XBOX 360s may get high definition optical storage

DigiTimes has recently published an article claiming that a Taiwanese manufacturer has been selected to produce an internal HD DVD drive for an upcoming XBOX 360 revision. The report does not indicate which manufacture is responsible for the drive.

The major Taiwanese optical storage manufacturers include Lite-on, Quanta and ASUS -- any of which would be likely to build an HD DVD drive for Microsoft.  However, with ASUS manufacturing the majority of the components for the Playstation 3, it would seem more probable that Quanta or Lite-on is the manufacturer for such a drive, if it exists.

Toshiba is currently the OEM responsible for manufacturing the external XBOX 360 HD DVD drive to be announced later this year.  Toshiba currently uses Lite-on as a major OEM for HD DVD drives, so it would not be too farfetched to expect Lite-on is responsible for any upcoming HD DVD manufacturing at Microsoft.

Sony's Playstation 3 will launch on November 11, 2006 (in Japan) with a Blu-ray drive as part of the standard features on both the low-end and high-end models.  The launch date for the external XBOX 360 HD DVD drive has not been announced yet either.  The DigiTimes report claims the launch of the internal HD DVD drive is around Q1'07.

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