The cheaper iPhone will also come in an assortment of colors

Apple is looking to go big or go home with the introduction of larger iPhone screens next year, and there's even rumors that the long-awaited, cheaper iPhone model has a price and all-new colors.

According to Reuters, Apple is looking to launch two new iPhone screen sizes next year: 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch versions. Apple's iPhone screen sizes are typically 3.5 inches, with the exception of the iPhone 5, which was slightly larger at 4 inches. 

The move to bigger screens is likely an effort to release more product options for customers and pick up the pace of product releases through the year. Apple may be learning a thing or two from Samsung, which releases smartphones and phablets within that same screen size range. 

Apple is also expanding its product line to allow for a cheaper version of the iPhone. While little is known about the forthcoming gadget, a few details are starting to peek through -- such as a $99 price tag and a variety of colors. 

The color options would serve to differentiate the cheaper iPhone from the high-end models, such as the upcoming version known as the iPhone 5S. There will reportedly be about 5-6 different color options.

A cheaper iPhone will allow Apple to reach an audience that doesn't want to drop hundreds of dollars for a brand-new smartphone. 

Apple's iPhone 5

A lot is changing at Apple since the passing of former CEO Steve Jobs. It's hard to say if Jobs would have ever strayed from a 3.5-inch screen, or if the company known for expensive gadgets would have ever considered a cheaper version of its iPhone. 

Apple has been making other huge changes as well, such as the look and functionality of its mobile operating system with the reveal of iOS 7 at WWDC. The once skeuomorphic design with shadows and textures will now be replaced with brighter colors and layers to create depth. IPhone users also get new services, such as iTunes Radio (announced at WWDC). 

On the iPhone front, Apple may also soon roll out iOS game controllers to enhance the gaming experience in apps. 

Apple is likely making many huge changes because of worries over whether Apple lost its edge since Jobs died. Since his October 2011 death, Apple has mainly released updated versions of iPhones and iPads without launching any new, innovative products. 

Apple shares have fallen significantly from its all-time high of $700 per share in September 2012 to about $432 at the time of this article's publication. Shares fell as low as $400 (and briefly below that mark) in April of this year.

Source: Reuters

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