The purported leaked AMD 67xx series spec sheet (click to enlarge).  (Source: Chip Hell)
Upcoming 40 nm GPU will offer some sweet gains, if leaked specs are to be believed

A member of Chinese-language forum PC In Life ("gf6600") has leaked what appears to be Advanced Micro Devices' spec sheet for its mid-range members of its 6000 series.  The leak was validated by site Chip Hell, which leaked a more complete version of the table.  

The spec sheet covers AMD's 
Barts GPUs, its upcoming mid-to-high range GPU entry, which will be built on a 40 nm process.

If the sheet is to be believed, AMD is about to unload a world of hurt on its competitor NVIDIA in January, when the new cards are expected to start trickling out.  The spec sheet shows two GPUs (the HD 6750 and HD 6770) that clearly outclass AMD's current mid-to-high range offerings (HD 5750 and HD 5770), even rivaling AMD's current high end flagship chips (HD 5850 and HD 5870).

With respect to their direct predecessors (e.g. the HD 5750 for the HD 6750), raw computing performance has been bumped over 60 percent, as has the texture fill rate.  The memory bandwidth, Z/Stencil, and pixel rates have all approximately doubled.

That's not to shabby considering that the second leak (from 
Chip Hell) indicates that the power envelope has only jumped approximately 30 percent.  While that is generally very good news, the only bad news there is the HD 6770's 150W max power draw likely necessitate 2-pin PCI-e connectors.

If AMD can keep within its current pricing scheme for the new lineup, that could deliver some scary price per performance.  And if this is what's inhabiting AMD's mid-to-high range slot, we can only imagine what monster might be lurking in the high range slot -- dubbed 

The ATI brand name may be dead, but AMD is clearly carrying on the company's legacy with pride.  Even as NVIDIA turns its eyes to GPU computing and other new markets, AMD's focus is clearly on delivering unbeatable gaming GPUs at their respective price points.

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