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Samsung gets plenty of love from wireless carriers

A recent survey conducted by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has revealed some interesting trends when it comes to how Americans purchase new smartphones. First and foremost, while many of us tech geeks pride ourselves on purchasing as much of our gear online as possible, a full 64 percent of Americans actually purchase their smartphones in-store.
Only 24 percent purchase their smartphones online, with the rest we assume purchasing them over the phone through their carrier.
But what’s perhaps most interesting is what smartphones are being pushed by carriers. Kantar’s research found that 63 percent of customers that walked into a retail store to buy a new smartphone were recommended a Samsung device. What’s most interesting is that this was double the rate for Apple recommendations and nearly 10 times the rate for smartphones made by Nokia.

And it should come as no surprise that 59 percent of those who were nudged towards a Samsung device walked out with one. 35 percent left with an Android smartphone made by another manufacturer, and only 6 percent purchased an iPhone.
But Apple needs not worry about its customers straying too far from the herd. iPhone users remain incredibly loyal, with Kantar describing a “strong emotional connection with the Apple brand and its devices.”
Kantar adds that consumers purchasing Apple’s iPhone models are the ones doing the least amount of pre-purchase research in part due to the strength of the brand, the rabid fanbase, and high satisfaction rate with iPhone hardware.

Sources: Kantar World Panel [PDF], via BGR

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By p05esto on 8/8/2014 2:29:21 PM , Rating: 5
I think Windows Phone is the best choice out there, excellent interface (brilliant).... but going into a store and asking about WP makes you feel like a crazy person, they have no clue and are totally brainwashed by the closed and bloated Android/iOS variety. Some people must like using iTunes, I instead like plugging in via USB and accessing my all files like it's a USB stick. Drag and drop baby.

By Nortel on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By inighthawki on 8/8/2014 3:01:14 PM , Rating: 4
I used to hate iTunes until I wanted to set cover art, change mp3 tags, retain song counts, star ratings, song lyrics, create playlists and in general manage my music. It was all right there in one place.

Many media players, including WMP have done this for as long as I can remember as well. iTunes is nothing special.

Also Windows is able to sync any music it knows in your library to your Microsoft account and provides access to these anytime you want (streaming or download)

By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 3:16:34 PM , Rating: 4
"iTunes is nothing special"

Don't bother saying that do Nortel. He doesn't understand anything that doesn't revolve around the center of his universe, which is Apple. Apple invented all and does all best, regardless of any proof shown to the contrary... Hooks, lines, sinkers, oh my [/Busey]

By glowingghoul on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 4:00:09 PM , Rating: 2
Actually if you knew Nortel, you would agree that my post accurately describes his views on the matter.

By Spuke on 8/8/2014 6:23:15 PM , Rating: 2
Retro is spot on.

By ritualm on 8/8/2014 6:23:27 PM , Rating: 2
You know, retro, I have suspicions that this "glowingghoul" poster is actually Wazza1234 - in other words, testerguy just had his THIRD DT account banned.

I can't wait for permban numbero quatre (four in French).

By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 6:26:27 PM , Rating: 2
He is definitely one of them... There are far fewer Apple trolls here than there are usernames.

By bug77 on 8/8/2014 6:11:14 PM , Rating: 2
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 6:13:11 PM , Rating: 3
Yes, exactly... This is the guy that insists Samsung copied Apple by using 16,32,64gb storage sizes in their phones.

Sometimes there not enough rocks.

By Spuke on 8/8/2014 6:24:34 PM , Rating: 2
Sometimes there not enough rocks.

By Cheesew1z69 on 8/8/2014 6:26:20 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, exactly... This is the guy that insists Samsung copied Apple by using 16,32,64gb storage sizes in their phones.
That still makes me laugh to this day. Such a moron he is.

By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 6:31:14 PM , Rating: 3
I know... The sad thing is that he, and others like him really perpetuate the stereotype that Apple users are often tech illiterates. Of course they aren't all like that, but vocal yahoo's like him really drive the point.

Another one is the 3rd grade copycat game they play.

- Samsung makes gold phones on a few models.
- Years later, Apple makes a gold iPhone.
- The next year, Samsung makes a gold phone.

Result: Samsung copies Apple, even though they did it years earlier.

Absolutely brain-dead (even aside from the fact that colors are totally free market and anyone can use any color)

By testbug00 on 8/9/2014 10:57:37 PM , Rating: 2
I wonder how many people see Nokia Lumia phones and claim Nokia copied Apple XD

Fully agreed on colors and such.

By tonyswash on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By inighthawki on 8/8/2014 9:39:04 PM , Rating: 4
I was clearly talking about the software and it's capabilities, not the number of users or its business model.

By Cheesew1z69 on 8/8/2014 9:43:12 PM , Rating: 3
You are "special" as well...

By testbug00 on 8/9/2014 10:35:35 PM , Rating: 2
I have an older iPhone 4, 3 WP8 devices, a Moto G, and a OnePlus One shipping. I will likely get the 4.7" iPhone WhateverTheyWillCallIt and a z10 before the year is out.

I have not delved into Android backup, but, my WP devices all backup: what applications are on the phone, some data from some apps (sadly, I cannot keep my save from chaos rings in the backup), all settings on stock apps, all accounts I have connected to the phone, my call history, my texts, my passwords to my accounts, custom words I added to dictionary, and, a few more things.

Auto-backup happens whenever I am on wifi + charging.

I imagine that iOS has something similar, never bothered looking into backing up my iP4, to be perfectly honest.
The only thing I cannot backup is music/videos, but, all I have to do is not format the SD card and I will get them all back anyways, just gotta wait the bit it takes to sync all the songs (I have a near full 128GB SD card (music, videos, and photos)

By crispbp04 on 8/10/2014 11:18:15 PM , Rating: 2
I guess you don't appreciate the automatic backing up during every function in wp8.1 even if you have your device stolen or it breaks. This includes pictures, text, music, settings, background... everything.

You should hate iTunes because it's garbage.

Your junk iTunes sync seems so antiquated compared to the advanced syncing of windows phone.

By FATCamaro on 8/11/14, Rating: 0
By retrospooty on 8/11/2014 1:19:31 PM , Rating: 2
Captain alias returns!

I thought this place smelled funny since last Friday.

By e36Jeff on 8/12/2014 4:12:33 PM , Rating: 3
I like the fact that it can do all of that. My problem is that iTunes should be a user experience that will make me thing of getting a Mac. However, it is by a huge margin the laggiest, slow, and cumbersome program I have on my PC. It takes up to 30 seconds to launch, every click seems to have a delay of a second or so before it responds, and it often feels like options I need to access are buried unnecessarily behind layers and layers of options.

This stands in stark contrast to what is probably the next closest type of program on my PC, which would be Steam. Steam is highly responsive, it launches faster, even when it needs to do an update, and the options I need are in a logical location and not buried.

iTunes makes me think that if Apple cant program something for windows that runs half-decent, why would I buy an PC and OS from them?

Actually the program I use to transfer songs from iTunes to my Android tablet is faster and more user-friendly than iTunes is about transferring music to my iPhone. When a small 3rd party programmer can out-do a multi-billion dollar company, something is pretty wrong.

By dew111 on 8/12/2014 4:52:27 PM , Rating: 2
I have friends with Mac computers, and they say iTunes is MUCH better on OS X than on Windows (they have used it on both). But you have a good point. You would think Apple would want to make the experience on Windows good so that, you know, people actually want to use it.

That being said, MS really effed up Xbox Music in WP 8.1. It's pretty worthless. They removed the recently played part of the app so any time I want to listen to an album I have to go through my music library, which is huge. So stupid. I guess now that I have Update 1 preview I could put them in a folder, but why should I have to?

WP 8.1 was a real mixed-bag for me. I love the new start screen features. But they removed facebook chat from the default messaging app. So now I have to use the "Messenger" app like an animal, instead of having one nice view of fbook chat + SMS. That was a killer feature in the original WP7 (or maybe one of the updates, I don't remember), and now it's gone. And the Messenger app is really slow to load. I hate it :(

By Gungel on 8/13/2014 2:22:40 PM , Rating: 2
What makes you think that WP doesn't offer all of these features too? I have broken and reset my WP many times and haven't lost anything. All of your data is automatically backed up to OneDrive.

By Reclaimer77 on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By tayb on 8/8/2014 3:24:41 PM , Rating: 5
I'm literally convinced that your day job is low-key social marketing for Samsung. There is no other explanation.

By Reclaimer77 on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By ritualm on 8/8/2014 6:34:13 PM , Rating: 3
Samsung's mobile division isn't doing so well lately. Its semiconductor division, which is highly dependent on mobile, gets dragged down at the same time. Even its appliances and displays divisions are making less money than previous years.

Not that any of these have direct relationships with whatever the carriers are doing. Samsung's marketing is in full throttle in Canada. I see ads peddling the S5 all the time. The Big Three up here - Rogers, Bell, Telus - are upselling it like it's better than Special K. LG G3 doesn't get the same amount of carrier love whatsoever, never mind anything Windows Phone 8.1.

You're still treating every negative said about Samsung as a direct personal attack against yours truly. Seriously, chill out.

By Reclaimer77 on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By ritualm on 8/8/2014 10:38:19 PM , Rating: 4
I'm cutting through the sensationalist slant and injecting reality and unbiased viewpoints on obvious market trends.

You're the one making this personal.

And the Daily Tech astroturfing for Windows Phone continues.

And what happens when I read between the lines? "WHY Windows Phone? Why not Android???"

One guy responded to one of your posts several months ago with a one-liner - "Google?" and you throw a hissy fit like the world's about to end in an hour.
"Carrier love"? See right there that tells everyone you believe there's some artificial reason your preferred platform is floundering or Samsung has been a success.

Wait, what?

You're publicly accusing me of being biased - when your bias is worse than both Nortel and Argon18 combined? You even have the lunacy to claim people can breach contracts and not be held responsible for the consequences.
Samsung's mobile division is doing fantastic. Only when compared to their previous success are they doing "poorly".

Except it's not just one division:
From 8/1 Nihon Keizai Shinbun:

Their semiconductor business is tied to their consumer electronics division and has grown only just slightly over the past two years. Same with appliances which only makes up less than 10% of their total consumer division as of Q1 2014. Their latest figures show a 25% decrease in sales and revenue (that includes displays, semiconductors, home appliances, and smart products).

Combine that with the news that Samsung lost the top spot in both China and India to its rivals, and it takes a supreme Seoul fanboy to claim the company's "doing fantastic". If I'm the boss of Samsung, I'd be genuinely concerned at a 25% YoY drop in sales and revenue, as opposed to acting like the Iraqi Information Minister and claiming "everything is A-OK" when it isn't.

You don't know when to cut your losses and shut up.

By lexluthermiester on 8/15/2014 12:01:35 AM , Rating: 2
Gonna have to agree with reclaimerboi[heaven forbid right?], you're being a narrow-minded, biased dink. Your arguments are focused on him directly instead of the points he's stating. Which means this is personal for you and has little to do with the article.

Do grow up and quit trying to compensate for your wee-willy-winky problem, ok?

By KoolAidMan1 on 8/8/2014 8:46:00 PM , Rating: 2
Do you really think Samsung wants a sexist bigot as the face of their company?

By HardwareDufus on 8/8/2014 4:43:31 PM , Rating: 2
the article was about Samsung. I didn't see any mention of Windows Phone... unless my Reading comprehension is severly challenged.

A poster in the article comments section, who likes WP, simply related his experience when he went into a store.

I don't understand your need to bash the WinPhone ecosystme (devices, os, apps, etc..) at every turn.

By chripuck on 8/11/2014 1:41:09 PM , Rating: 2
Your reading comprehension is challenged then. It referenced Nokia, which by obvious association means WP8.

By lexluthermiester on 8/15/2014 12:04:21 AM , Rating: 2
Right? I got that part too...

By KoolAidMan1 on 8/8/2014 8:48:46 PM , Rating: 2
It's a shame that it isn't doing better because it's a very good mobile OS. I loved my Nokia. Much better than Android but the app and support situation means I'll be on iOS until MS gets its act together.

By StevoLincolnite on 8/9/2014 5:55:20 AM , Rating: 3
The OS support isn't entirely Microsoft's fault (This goes for iOS and Android too!).

The issue actually lies with the hardware manufacturers and the carriers.

For instance... If Microsoft releases an OS update, it needs to be sent to the phone hardware manufacturers who then verify it will work on their devices and may make a few alterations. (As in the case with the Lumia's.)

Then you have Carriers who like to add their own touches to a phone, with their own bloatware, plus may also need to make firmware alterations of their own for cellular compatibility before the latest updates are pushed out.

However, unlike iOS and Android you actually have a 3rd option with Windows Phone, that-is, developer preview, which essentially circumvents those issues.
Granted at the firmware level you still need to wait on the hardware manufacturer and/or cellular company, hence why those with Windows 8.1 Lumia's are just now being upgraded from Lumia Black to Lumia Cyan, yet the OS is still exactly the same, you just get improved performance and battery life thanks to Nokia's improved firmware.

Unfortunately it will take awhile and for a big company to change this horrible situation, Microsoft certainly doesn't have the market-share to influence the industry that's for sure.

As for app updates and availability, I've had no drama's, all the apps I would expect are pretty much there and I have never been left wanting... With one exception, my small bank doesn't have an app, so I just made a web-browser live tile linked to my bank accounts and problem solved.

I've had my Lumia 920 for a couple years now, absolutely love it, had iOS, found it limiting for my needs. - It's far to locked down with the reliance on iTunes, Small screen which hampers geocaching and GPS and most of all, can't use it with my motocross gloves when out in the sand dunes.
Android, on the other hand can fill the hardware gap, but over time, they get bogged down with pop-up adverts, alerts and generally just get slower over time with more and more apps installed that all love to run in the background.

With my Lumia though, it still feels as fast and snappy as the day I bought it, even with several dozen apps installed and fills in all my hardware requirements.

Actually got my Grandmother hooked into the Windows Phone world, iPhone was too small and hard to read due to her failing eyesight, Android confused her far to much, Windows Phone filled every requirement by being simple and easy and not once has she had to ask me for help, saving me lots of time and hassle. :P

By Bateluer on 8/8/14, Rating: 0
By testbug00 on 8/9/2014 10:29:01 PM , Rating: 2
actually, as someone who owns multiple WP devices, an Android device, an iOS device, and will likely own 1 more of the each the latter 3 this year, whenever I go into a store to try to find stuff for my 1020/1520 (seriously, does no store carry the Qi charging cases?) I get mostly positive feedback from the staff. Actually, based on my experience, most of the staff at the local stores I visit own WP devices (multiple radioshacks, AT&T stores/authorized Vendors) and not the budget ones.

The issue with Windows Phone is that many places don't have them. An example is I went to a AT&T authorized retailer near a soup kitchen I volunteer at... They had 1 WP8 device (a 520) and no cases. Most people who go into stores that are turned to Samsung devices likely are turned towards high end devices. No huge shocks in this article, you can't expect to sell high end WP devices if you don't have them.

By testbug00 on 8/9/2014 10:52:21 PM , Rating: 2
note: "most of the staff" should be "a large portion of the staff"

To be more specific, around 20-30%... which, considering WP8 (some do have WP7 devices) only has like 3-4% of the USA marketshare, that is pretty large.

On that note, in the USA, I would only advise WP8 if you are on a budget, want an amazing camera, or want a 6" phone for media consumption. The last one would be a toss up based on person preference for look and feel.

Same with budget, unless you really need offline mapping, need to save every last penny, or only want to do some combo of music/texting/phone calls, the Moto G is likely the better choice.

Actually, if you wanted to throw your phone into the street, watch cars run over it and than pick it up and use it, a 920 would be a recommendation also XD

By kickoff on 8/14/2014 1:51:16 PM , Rating: 1
Closed and bloated

You're advocating Windows crap and you accuse Android of that? LMAO!!!

By lexluthermiester on 8/14/2014 11:51:07 PM , Rating: 1
I've used WP and owned an iPhone. Compared to either iOS or Android, it's a pathetic mess. iOS is at least well supported with apps that are somewhat useful. Android is so very user customizable and flexible as to make the other two pale in comparison. And Android is the ONLY one you can install a USER controllable firewall on.

I would rather go back to Symbian than use WP. Android is number 1 for a reason. It is the best! Hands down, full stop, end of story! Eff Windows Phone. And eff MS's insecure, too little to late, lame duck, "Me too" mentality...

It's a matter of choices availble
By dgingerich on 8/8/2014 2:47:31 PM , Rating: 3
Samsung has a lot of different alternatives, compared to the other manufacturers. Apple has two models out: one absurdly expensive and one only slightly less expensive than absurd. Samsung has five models of smartphones available right now at wireless stores, ranging from the same absurdly expensive as Apple to downright affordable. Nokia has a similar range, starting and ending lower than Samsung, but has Windows Phone, which many people incorrectly believe is not as good as Android.

On top of that, there's the regular handset market. Samsung has the majority of models of regular handsets at all the wireless carriers in the US, with a full range of price options.

It really only makes sense that most people would be directed to Samsung devices. Samsung is the one company that is represented in the entire line from $20 handsets to $400 smartphones, at competitive prices. Whatever someone wants, Samsung has an option for them at the price they're looking for.

By Shadowself on 8/8/2014 3:15:26 PM , Rating: 2
Just looking at AT&T in the U.S. Apple has three models (not two) when not looking at memory sizes or colors. Samsung has 11 models (not five). Nokia has three.

Your overall premise is correct, but the disparity in numbers of options is even more lopsided than your numbers imply.

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By lawrance on 8/8/14, Rating: 0
RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 3:57:45 PM , Rating: 2
1st off, no iPhone is $199. It's starting point is $650 like any other flagship.

I'd say the iPhone is "absurdly expensive" considering what you get from it. While it is fast and has good build quality, it has a tiny low res, low PPI screen, and it is missing SOOOO many features, you just cant call it a "high end phone".

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By corduroygt on 8/8/2014 4:19:10 PM , Rating: 1
BS with the ppi, 326 is plenty and it makes no difference to 99.9999% people if a screen is 300 or 400ppi.
Other comments about size and resolution are valid although I don't think more than 720p is useful on cellphones.
I'm uncertain of any must have features iPhone is missing that's not added with iOS8 and with the iPhone 6.

By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 4:26:21 PM , Rating: 3
"BS with the ppi, 326 is plenty and it makes no difference to 99.9999% people"

If you are happy with 326ppi, go for it, but understand that not everyone's eyes are equal. Even Apple is upping the game for the next round if that gives you a hint on what is necesary. Long overdue.

"I'm uncertain of any must have features iPhone is missing that's not added with iOS8 and with the iPhone 6"

I am certain of dozens. Granted the worst thing missing was the larger higher ppi screen, but there is still alot missing to be called "high end".

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By ritualm on 8/8/2014 6:40:51 PM , Rating: 1
I'm uncertain of any must have features iPhone is missing that's not added with iOS8 and with the iPhone 6.

Still no user-friendly filesystem, no proper USB OTG support (at least that will relieve the "not enough onboard storage" issues for most people, and make redundant the need for such things as Sanho/Hyperdrive's iStick), no Set Default Apps...

That's the big three features I can get with Android that just aren't on iOS, and they're still not there with the latest iOS 8 beta's.


RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By corduroygt on 8/11/2014 12:07:26 PM , Rating: 1
Filesystem is for computers not for phones and we all know the lack of USB support is for profit margins and it's not an issue if you buy big enough internal storage. I'll give you default apps though, thought that was coming with iOS 8.

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By tng on 8/11/2014 1:30:59 PM , Rating: 2
...we all know the lack of USB support is for profit margins and it's not an issue if you buy big enough internal storage

Yeah, but why should we have to pay for a phone with enough internal memory when we should be able to just plug in a SD card. That extra 16GB internal cost far more than it really should.

By ritualm on 8/11/2014 6:57:05 PM , Rating: 3
Filesystem is for computers not for phones

Bullsh!t. I've seen more user-friendly filesystems from many flavors of *nix. Had a rare chance post-backup of seeing how the files/folders of iOS is [un]organized - everything in it is more gibberish than machine code.
it's not an issue if you buy big enough internal storage

The iPhone has an iSuppli BoM of maybe $250-300 per unit. Those eMMC NAND chips cost a couple bucks to the company. Apple charges $100 to go from 16GB to 32GB, and another $100 from there to 64GB. "big enough"? Used to be that 3 years ago - 64GB today is enough to hold my entire compressed music collection... and nothing else.

For a phone that costs nearly $1000 for 64GB with taxes? I can do better than that.

By retrospooty on 8/11/2014 10:09:41 PM , Rating: 2
"Filesystem is for computers not for phones"

Wow, you really need to stop eating what Apple feeds you. How can you not see the benefits of a real accesible file system? Are you serious? On the huge list of missing features on IOS, that is a big one.

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By StevoLincolnite on 8/9/2014 5:38:19 AM , Rating: 2
BS with the ppi, 326 is plenty and it makes no difference to 99.9999% people if a screen is 300 or 400ppi.

You are correct, the PPI is probably "plenty" and it probably makes zero difference to the majority.


The iPhone is "marketed" as a "high-end" phone, yet it's feature set is squarely in the mid range with a high-end sticker price, regardless of what the average person thinks, you are being ripped off in the hardware department, facts are facts.

By corduroygt on 8/11/2014 12:05:39 PM , Rating: 2
I value software as much as hardware and knowing that apps will take advantage of my specs is much more important than having the best specs.

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By tonyswash on 8/8/2014 8:09:18 PM , Rating: 2
Apple has two models out: one absurdly expensive and one only slightly less expensive than absurd. Samsung has five models of smartphones available right now at wireless stores, ranging from the same absurdly expensive as Apple to downright affordable

And the result of Apple only having fewer models at a higher price?

Can't really see a reason there to argue that Apple should change it's product profile and strategy to be more like Samsung's, can you?

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By w8gaming on 8/8/2014 10:22:01 PM , Rating: 2
Nothing wrong with Apple doing what they do as the world still has enough demands to buy their high profit margin phones to give Apple a huge profit every year. But all Apple fans must wake up to the reality that high profit margin will never dominates in market share. Forget about iOS ruling the world, for now it is Android and it is not going to change, not until Apple starts to sell cheap phone in $99 range without contract.

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By tonyswash on 8/9/2014 5:07:00 AM , Rating: 2
But all Apple fans must wake up to the reality that high profit margin will never dominates in market share.

Why is that important? Who would it be important for? Genuine questions.

Should Bang and Olufson try to sell more units by making a cheap sound system? Perhaps Mercedes should move down market to shift more cars?

The only reason Apple would make devices aimed at expanding their market share, which they could fairly easily, is if it would have a major beneficial impact on the health of their business and/or the Apple ecosystem. Neither of those things seem in need of an urgent boost at the moment, Apple makes more profits than the Android OEMs makers added together and the iOS ecosystem is currently much healthier, more dynamic and worth more than the Android ecosystem.

One day, maybe soon, Apple may make devices aimed at expanding their market share but I can’t see any pressing reasons for them to do so and I can see quite a few reasons why Apple would be cautious about doing such a thing.

Benedict Evans did an impressive piece of number crunching to explore what a cheap iPhone might do for Apple’s business. The short answer is not a lot but do have a look at the numbers as they are very interesting.

Ben Thompson also addressed this issue in a recent article where he looks at Apple’s small scale in India and, using a comparison with China, explores what this says about Apple’s business model and it’s relationship to market share.

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By Cheesew1z69 on 8/9/2014 9:11:15 AM , Rating: 3
Perhaps Mercedes should move down market to shift more cars?

They already have...

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By Reclaimer77 on 8/9/2014 9:49:59 AM , Rating: 1
Hell what about those "Kompressor" little things I see on the road? They started at like $27k, which is pretty fu*king "down market" for Mercedes!

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By Cheesew1z69 on 8/10/2014 9:31:06 AM , Rating: 2
And as much as Tony refuses to believe it, Apple does care about market share.

RE: It's a matter of choices availble
By tonyswash on 8/10/2014 6:24:52 PM , Rating: 2
And as much as Tony refuses to believe it, Apple does care about market share.


Apple is delighted when it's products dominate markets, who wouldn't be. What Apple does not do is design it's product range around achieving market share or outselling the number of units sold by competitors. If they did then they would have released a super cheap iPhone by now (which would be technically easy to produce).

True believers from the Church of Market Share, find it impossible to conceive of any business which do not obsess about market share. For such believers market share is all important, achieving greater market share is supposed, somehow, to secures all sorts of obscure but magical advantages.

In reality Apple's business, the iOS developers community and the iOS ecosystem are all healthier and wealthier than the Android ecosystem.

The fact that more devices are sold that run on Android than run iOS confers not a single tangible benefit to Android OEMs, Android developers and Android end users.


Not a single benefit.

Market share obsession is for bozos.

By testbug00 on 8/11/2014 12:14:20 AM , Rating: 2
in the phones/tablet world, market share matters for apps.

If Apple falls below 10%, no, maybe it would take below 5%, than, apps will stop being updated for them.

When an app is not updated, and an OS is... well, it can have some interesting results.

Apple DOES care about market share, but, only to a certain "don't go below X%"

I don't think they feel a need to grow their marketshare.

By Cheesew1z69 on 8/11/2014 9:52:45 AM , Rating: 2
Market share obsession is for bozos.
You are a clown. Nothing more.

By Reclaimer77 on 8/11/2014 10:20:22 AM , Rating: 3

Apple released smaller tablet because they were losing marketshare to Android. Fact.

Apple released "cheaper" iPhone 5C because they were losing marketshare. Fact.

Apple to release two larger sized phones, a first EVER, because they are losing marketshare despite their "one size fits all" mantra. Fact.

Apple's China Mobile deal. A HUGE market that Apple had horrible market share in.

Honestly what more proof do you need?

By retrospooty on 8/11/2014 10:20:46 AM , Rating: 2
"Market share obsession is for bozos."

I find this funny on a few different levels.

- First off, when Apple was doing extremely well in the USA, YOU were here touting it, bragging about it and were just obviously tickled with it. Now that it's back down, it's again an "obsession for bozos"... I mean, really T, can you be more transparent?

- Secondly (and I should say most importantly) how can you come here day after day defending and obsessing on a COMPANY of all crazy things saying "Market share obsession is for bozos."? So, Obsessing on a company, agreeing with and defending every political move they make, every lawsuit they file, every illegal price fixing maneuver they do and every product they produce is perfectly fine, so long as the subject matter isn't "Market share" it's all good? Seriously ?

Now in the face of uncompromising logic like that , I know you will not respond, but reading that, can you at least think about yourself and what it is you are doing here?

- drops the mic. and walks off.

I wonder what the motivation is
By tayb on 8/8/2014 3:23:32 PM , Rating: 3
Do Samsung devices result in fewer tech support calls? Does Samsung have lower carrier rates than Apple/Nokia? Do Samsung users generally use less data? Are US carriers worried about Apple becoming too dominant and dictating terms? Is Samsung paying carriers to peddle Samsung phones?

Who knows. The article doesn't really expand a lot about why this is. Probably because there isn't source information to explain it. Interesting information though.

RE: I wonder what the motivation is
By lawrance on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
RE: I wonder what the motivation is
By glowingghoul on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
RE: I wonder what the motivation is
By glowingghoul on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 4:21:06 PM , Rating: 4
Right... Not that you both are making asinine comments... It must be that people are sensitive. /s

By Cheesew1z69 on 8/8/2014 7:20:07 PM , Rating: 2
LOL, downvotes are more proof of how fanDroids are as sensitive as the Apple fanboiz.
It couldn't possibly be because of your idiotic comments. No, couldn't be that at all.

RE: I wonder what the motivation is
By Reclaimer77 on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
By BrgMx5 on 8/8/2014 7:01:14 PM , Rating: 2
Because it's a hot item!

No Samsung item is/was ever a hot item.

They might have the best cost/benefit … a rational choice … reliable … whatever.

But "hot item" just no.

By someguy123 on 8/8/2014 10:01:41 PM , Rating: 2
But that's wrong. Physical phone sales volume is the smallest piece of the pie for cell carrier sales reps. Reps get next to nothing for the phone itself. Every large carrier has attachment and "bonus product" sales targets that are required to avoid termination. If sprint is downsizing and one employee sells 150 S5's and the other sells 10 blackberries with 10 insurance plans and 10 hotspots, they are 100% going to keep the attachment seller, because carriers sell phones at or below overall cost through subscription plans, which sales reps also take a bite out of (usually 25~40%).

Structure is similar to other sales jobs but attachment targets can get a little ridiculous (I've heard horror stories of requiring attachment sales on 80% or more of all phones sold). The main thing the sales associate wants is to lock you in on the most expensive plan possible connected as many people as possible because it will help them meet their sales quota, and also gives them tons of money compared to their base janitor wage. After that they will try to get you to buy accessories/insurance. They would rather give you an outdated, cheap phone with an above average plan than a brand new android/WP/ios phone with the base data plan.

The actual reason for the samsung push is most likely due to the massive variety of samsung devices on display at most carriers. It is much easier to walk over to a table covered in an assortment of random samsung phones than having to actually listen to a customer's description of what they want, which is often hypocritical and insane. It is also next to impossible to explain the benefit of ANY tech product to most customers (e.g. convincing someone that 4 cores is not 4 times the jiggahertz), which makes the "tour guide" method of sale the best option.

This is hardly news
By tonyswash on 8/8/2014 6:35:24 PM , Rating: 2
It's been clear for quite a while that one of the several reasons why Samsung has been so much more successful than the other Android OEMs has been it's very intense focus on channels. Deals, fees, inducements, tie-ins have all been used, very sensibly, by Samsung to ensure that when the customers encounters a sales person they are steered their way.

Samsung combined the channel efforts with some very very large scale, and sometimes quite good, advertising and promotions, plus a reasonably clear brand identity and pretty good hardware.

All those things paid off handsomely for Samsung however the recent quarters have seen a pronounced deterioration in it's sales, revenue and profits and one of the most interesting questions in mobile over the next year or so is whether this downturn in Samsung's fortunes is just a temporary glitch or the start of a longer term and more persistent deterioration.

A few days ago Jan Dawson posted on his blog some analysis of Samsung's recent earnings and performance with some interesting number crunching. It's here:

This was followed up by a another linked, and interesting, piece by Ben Bajarin at Techopinions.

RE: This is hardly news
By KoolAidMan1 on 8/8/14, Rating: 0
RE: This is hardly news
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 9:00:21 PM , Rating: 2
What is it about Samsung articles that brings all the closet Apple loonies out? You guys really are out in force on this article today.

RE: This is hardly news
By KoolAidMan1 on 8/8/2014 9:22:52 PM , Rating: 1
I was on Samsung far longer than I've been on iOS and about as long as I was on WP.

Their stuff sucks. Why are you defending such bad products?

RE: This is hardly news
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 9:25:35 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't buy a Samsung phone today if you paid for it 100%. I really couldn't care less. I am just calling you out on your vendetta. We know KAM, we know.

By Gio6518 on 8/8/2014 2:20:36 PM , Rating: 2
Last time I was at AT&T getting my Note 3 they were relentless trying to talk me into an iPhone

RE: Blah
By inighthawki on 8/8/2014 3:01:54 PM , Rating: 1
Yes, because 63% means everyone... derp

RE: Blah
By kmmatney on 8/8/2014 3:26:38 PM , Rating: 2
Talking you into an iPhone from a Note 3 makes no sense - you obviously wanted a larger screen or to use a stylus. I would guess that everyone's experiences are different - when I bought my LG Optimus Pro G (the poor's man's Note III) the sales guy never even mentioned an iPhone. I think the only other phone the sales guy was pushing was the HTC One. I did like the HTC better, but the LG ProG was half the price, with a better screen and double the memory.

"the rabid fanbase"
By grant3 on 8/8/2014 3:08:11 PM , Rating: 2
Terrible "journalism" from Mr. Hill, adding a slur that wasn't actually part of the source material.

RE: "the rabid fanbase"
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 3:18:43 PM , Rating: 2
A lot of them are... A lot of them post here showing thier rabid fanboyism daily. It's a fair point.

Nobody had to twist my arm
By Banana Bandit on 8/8/2014 2:28:52 PM , Rating: 3
When I walked up to the Koodo booth, I knew exactly what phone I wanted. They didn't even try to show me any other phone me. If they had even mentioned the work Apple to me I would have waled across to the Virgin kiosk.

By Gunbuster on 8/8/2014 4:26:00 PM , Rating: 3
I'm willing to bet that what gets pushed in retail comes down to kickbacks and incentives sales people (or their boss) get for selling a certain model of the moment. Or it has a lot of $$$ accessories they can attach to the sale that also make the employee look good.

Microsoft would do well to shower sales people with gifts so the Nokia handsets can make it out of the stores dank back corner.

Waiting for the punchline
By Dorkyman on 8/8/2014 3:15:00 PM , Rating: 2
So I read the article, waiting for the discovery of some evil intent.

Let's see, some of us are geeks but most of us aren't. Check.

Samsung is a dominant player. Check.

Oftentimes vendors will try to steer the customer towards a particular model, for a variety of reasons. Check.

Sheesh. It's like eating Chinese food--I've eaten it but I'm still hungry. What am I missing here?

By Chriz on 8/8/2014 7:25:06 PM , Rating: 2
I am not really sure about in-store, but this is definitely true online. For example, I have been watching the T-Mobile website for a few months to observe when new phones get released, and when the Galaxy S5 and One M8 came out at the same time, the S5 was heavily advertised on their main page and the M8 was like an afterthought to them. Even if you go there now, the S5 is almost always featured prominently, while the M8 is not.

Did anyone consider
By EasyC on 8/8/2014 8:38:05 PM , Rating: 2
That the people making recommendations weren't swayed by the carrier, but by personal opinion. A good amount of people who work at the retail outlets for carriers are into gadgets and phones (or at least the stores I've been to). I've never met one who liked Apple phones enough to recommend them.

I'm not one of the mindless buyers who doesn't research anything, though. I usually know what I want.

Good camera phone?
By croc on 8/9/2014 12:02:18 AM , Rating: 2
i'm looking for a new phone. I have a good DSLR camera, but it is rather bulky to carry around daily... So I am looking for a good phone with good camera capabilities. I am no type of OS fan, so don't care what OS it runs, but it must have at least the following specs / features...

An EXCELLENT rear-facing camera, with at least a 1" sensor, preferably larger. As many mega pixels as can be stuffed onto that large sensor, not because I love megapixels, but so that I can crop to my heart's desire and still end up with a good pic. Call it zooming, if you need a name for it. The ability to have some control over "shutter speed" and "aperture". Not too fussy about a real shutter vs. electronic, btw. (I guess I am not THAT fussy of a control freak, eh?) The ability to take a certain amount of video, probably at a down-sized image size, so I can cram in longer video at some expense of clarity. Some decent sound would also be good. More than enough internal RAM to run several newer generations of ROM, 16 / 32 GB internal memory, and a slot for some kind of extra memory card. That shouldn't be too hard an order to fill, eh.

BTW, is anyone willing to explain why we still use such nomenclatures as ROM, shutter speed or aperture for these new fangled gizmos? (OK, at least 'aperture' still has SOME reliance on physical properties.)

Nothing new here.
By przemo_li on 8/9/2014 3:50:08 AM , Rating: 2
Windows Phone got same treatment (when MS/Nokia pumped enough cash), and each time it ended up on the opposite end of that scale (maybe Lumia 520 being first exemption).

Answer is simple:


Nobody likes them. They make You do same work twice (if customer want to switch to other smartphone), or worse loose customer. They make You poorer for the bonus from that sale (not much but still...). They make You under-perform in monthly sale plan.

So You make sure that RETURN do not happen. And offer those phones that do not bring that dreaded monster to life ;)

And we all know that Carriers are gatekeepers of smartphone market, right?

Of course they get love...
By masamasa on 8/14/2014 10:44:42 PM , Rating: 2
Who wants to buy Apple, the communist government of mobility!

Nice reporting.
By lawrance on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
RE: Nice reporting.
By Cheesew1z69 on 8/8/2014 7:45:56 PM , Rating: 1
"rabid fan base" Really? So much for objective reporting.
Coming from you, who is not a bit objective, that's cute.

Cause they break
By wordsworm on 8/8/14, Rating: -1
RE: Cause they break
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 5:58:30 PM , Rating: 2
What on earth are you talking about? Samsung phones and tablets may be bloated with useless software and built with cheaply fit plastic, but they aren't known for breaking or having excessive defects. They are as good as any.

RE: Cause they break
By Spuke on 8/8/2014 6:34:20 PM , Rating: 2
What on earth are you talking about?
I guess the weirdos are going to show up in this thread.

RE: Cause they break
By ritualm on 8/8/2014 7:05:37 PM , Rating: 2
It's not "weirdos" showing up in this thread, it's a fruit zombie apocalypse.

RE: Cause they break
By KoolAidMan1 on 8/8/2014 8:44:11 PM , Rating: 3
http://www. iable-smartphones-revealed/

http://www. ne-5-against-Samsung-Galaxy-S4_id42408

http://bgr. com/2013/04/29/samsung-galaxy-s4-drop-test-473030/< br />
http://www.electronista. com/articles/14/04/25/

Spaces added to links here because the DT spam filter is awful.

Best part are all the Samsung/Google apologists in the comments calling these articles false or biased. Fandroids are the most obnoxious, most deluded fans around.

Ex-Samsung here and none of this surprises me. I've been on everything including WebOS (have KitKat here too!) and Samsung was the worst. Amazing how many suckers there are

RE: Cause they break
By retrospooty on 8/8/2014 9:23:41 PM , Rating: 2
Ok... You post a couple S4 links. The S4 is the worst freeking high end smartphone ever made IMO. It sucks on so many levels, and that is why you love to use it on all your comparisons, because you are full of s^&t...

The reality is Samsung makes dozens of models and overall they aren't known for bad failure rates. Bloat? yes. Choppy? yes. cheap feeling? Yes. All of it. Defective? No.

Seriously though... You should really take your vendetta elsewhere. Everyone here knows you are full of it.

RE: Cause they break
By KoolAidMan1 on 8/11/2014 4:56:27 PM , Rating: 3
I posted S3 links as well.

This is a discussion that is specifically about Samsung. Why wouldn't I post links about it and its defect rates?

I've seen you get into little slap fights with your friend reclaimer about the same thing and how much better LG is, and now you're arguing against when I back up that position? Jesus.

And yes, Samsung has the worst defect and durability ratings of high end smartphones out there. Period.

Don't be stupid.

RE: Cause they break
By Cheesew1z69 on 8/8/2014 9:44:43 PM , Rating: 3
Fandroids are the most obnoxious, most deluded fans around.
You surely are...

RE: Cause they break
By Cheesew1z69 on 8/8/2014 7:22:09 PM , Rating: 2
Samsung phones break because that means more phones sold

RE: Cause they break
By Reclaimer77 on 8/8/2014 8:37:37 PM , Rating: 2
And people say I make emotional argument then post garbage like this lol.

Yeah I guess that's why the Galaxy S5 is waterproof and impervious to dust? It's all part of their evil plan to get phones to break and make more sales...

RE: Cause they break
By Cheesew1z69 on 8/8/2014 9:47:08 PM , Rating: 2
If anything, making a phone with a glass back, totally not trying to sell more phones when it breaks!

"Spreading the rumors, it's very easy because the people who write about Apple want that story, and you can claim its credible because you spoke to someone at Apple." -- Investment guru Jim Cramer

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