Leaf expected to sell well says Ghosn  (Source: Nissan)
Both brands will have four EVs in their lines

The auto industry is doing better today than it has in months past, but they still have a way to go before things are back to the point they were before the economy tanked. Many automakers are betting on electric vehicles (EVs) as the next big thing in the automotive industry along with hybrids. Many automakers are rushing to get full electric vehicles on the market to meet what they expect to be a big consumer push.

Renault Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has given up a few details on the plans for EVs from Nissan and according to Ghosn, Nissan and Renault plan to jointly build 500,000 EVs each year by the end of 2013. He stated that Nissan plans to sell 20,000 electric Leaf vehicles in the US over the next year. He further predicts that Nissan will be "capacity constrained" for the Leaf for the next three years.

Nissan and Renault will each have four EVs in their respective lines by 2013. The four EV Nissan models will include the Leaf and will include one EV luxury car branded with the Infiniti badge. Nissan also has plans to produce 200,000 battery packs annually and 150,000 vehicles in the U.S. alone by 2014 in its Leaf factory in Tennessee.

Ghosn also stated that he expected EVs to account for 10% of all vehicles sold globally by 2020 claiming that the 10% figure is "very reasonable."
Detroit News reports that Ghosn also expects global auto sales to increase 3% in 2011 by about 2.5 million units sold.

At the same time Renault Nissan are talking up EVs that are coming, there are calls by EV advocates for businesses to use more EVs. The group is made up to retired military and business leaders and is asking Congress to do more to boost EV use for business around the nation. The group is called the Electrification Coalition and wants 150,000 more EVs in business fleets by 2015.

Big companies like FedEx that do huge amounts of driving are some of the main targets by groups looking to improve EV use in businesses. FedEx CEO Fred Smith said, "The case is very strong for a number of fleet applications over the next five years. Fleet electrification alone will not solve our pressing energy security challenges, but by bringing costs down, it will provide a critical boost to the consumer electric vehicle market."

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