Just when you thought Rambus had cleaned up its image, Micron is the latest on Rambus' list of offenders

Today Rambus filed a patent infringement case against Micron, alleging that Micron has infringed on not only 1, but a total of 18 patents that cover a myriad of DDR, DDR2, GDDR2, GDDR3 and RLDRAM technologies.

According to the file, Rambus says Micron used Rambus technology to do such things as decrease memory write latency, design memory controllers, integrate auto memory-precharging techniques as well as a host of other technologies. The report says that it prefers to settle certain disputes out of the courtroom, but in this case, the file covers a considerable amount of technology and it has the grounds necessary to properly defend itself against Micron.

Micron would not be the first to taste Rambus' wrath, as other large manufacturers such as Samsung, Hynix, and Nanya are also currently in dispute with Rambus. The company said in its filing that it had already approached Micron about the infringements but Micron chose to continue to sell products knowingly.

The report does not indicate the exact monetary value that Rambus seeks. You can see the actual filing here. Meanwhile, Rambus' stock prices continue to perform extremely well, rising more than $33 since October of 2005.

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