Best Buy stores and AxionTech sell X1900GT's ahead of the May 9th launch date

Digit-Life reports some retailers have started selling X1900GT cards earlier than the expected May 9th launch date. Best Buy (In-store) and AxionTech are among the retailers that are selling X1900GT cards early. The X1900GT cards are clocked at 575 MHz Core and 1188 MHz memory with 36 pixel shader processors. Memory size remains at 256MB, similar to NVIDIA 7900GT based cards.

Pricing is a bit steep on the X1900GT, with AxionTech charging $379.99. NVIDIA 7900GT cards on the other hand only cost around $300. The X1900GT also uses a double slot cooler instead of single slot coolers typically found on 7900GT cards. Supply is short but higher availability is expected after ATI officially unveils the X1900GT on May 9th.

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