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Honda kills three slow-selling "green" vehicles

It seems as though Honda just can’t catch a break when it comes to releasing automobiles with advanced powertrains. Its first two generations of Civic Hybrids paled in sales compared to the Toyota Prius; its first generation Honda Accord was an efficiency and sales flop; the current generation Accord Hybrid has been scolded for not meeting EPA numbers; and the recently introduced Acura ILX Hybrid was killed due to the poor sales.
And we can’t forget that the company shelved plans to bring a diesel engine to the U.S. for its mid-sized (and larger vehicles). Sales of diesel-equipped vehicles in the U.S. have soared following that decision.
Today, we’re learning that Honda is killing three more vehicles. The first model is the Honda Insight; reports of its demise began circulating back in February. The Insight never lived up to its mission of taking the Prius on head-to-head despite undercutting it on price. Honda sold just 4,802 Insights during all of 2013.
Interestingly, the CR-Z hybrid, which performed even worse in 2013 with 4,550 units sold, will live to see another model year.
Another casualty is the Fit EV. Honda’s tiny all-electric vehicle first went on sale in the U.S. just over two years ago and has been yet another sales failure for the company. Offering an EPA driving range of 82 miles per charge, Honda sold just 569 Fit EVs during 2013.

Honda Fit EV
The final vehicle that won’t be making a return for the 2015 model year is the FCX Clarity. The production FCX Clarity, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, has a driving range of 270 miles. Honda leased just 10 units of the FCX Clarity in the U.S. last year.
However, Honda will reportedly bring a successor to the FCX Clarity to the market within the next two years, likely to do battle with the Toyota FCV.

Sources: The Car Connection, Honda America

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