Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I'll counter sue

Research in Motion (RIM) has announced that it will counter-sue Visto Corp., another company who claims to hold patents that RIM infringes on. RIM itself has been invovled with legal battles over intellectual property, with the most recent case ending in RIM paying NTP $613M USD.  RIM claims Visto's patents are invalid and that Visto is sueing RIM over IP maliciously.

Visto Corp. earlier this week decided that it too will take RIM to court over patent infringements. Seeing as how NTP was able to extract a hefty sum out of RIM, things look up for Visto Corp. RIM however, has countersued Visto saying that it has had enough of competitors being unable to compete on technology and sales and instead try to gain publicity through the courts. Interestingly, NTP is part owner of Visto Corp. In a different case altogether, Visto was awarded $3.6M USD over patent disputes with Seven Networks Inc.

RIM has also decided that it will start developing pre-emptive software just in case others decide to do the same things that NTP and Visto are doing. The company is also requesting that the trial be relocated to Dallas, where RIM's US headquarters are located. Reports say that Visto's decision to file at the Marshall Division of District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, because that location favors patent holders.

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