TorrentFreak misquoted DRM's spokesperson, DRM is (un)dead

Digital Rights Management (DRM) isn't quite dead yet apparently.  Jonathan Lamy, the Recording Industry Association of America spokesman who created much excitement on the web when he reportedly declared DRM "dead" in a quote reported by TorrentFreak's Ernesto.

The only problem was he didn't say that.  Apparently, Ernesto drew the quote from
SC Magazine reporter Deb Radcliffe, who swiftly asked for a retraction.  Mr. Lamy's full quote actually read, "There is virtually no DRM on music anymore, at least on download services, including iTunes."

Noticeably absent was any mention of the word "dead".  TorrentFreak has issued a retraction, writing, "
We just learned the RIAA never used the word dead in its reply to the reporter."

The mistake showcases several controversies.  The first is the rise in using emails as sources.  While misquotes are nothing new in the news industry, they have increased dramatically with email and instant messenger conversations.

The second interesting thing about the mess is that it serves to illustrate the controversy that still surrounds DRM.  DRM's proponents say that it is necessary to protect digital works against copyright infringement.  Opponents point out that even the best DRM schemes have proven ineffectual in stopping piracy and argue that the technology only hurts legitimate consumers.

DRM appears on the way out, with online download services like Valve's Steam offering DRM-free versions of popular games, and with iTunes having switched to DRM-free music.

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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