New build tunes up Windows 10 into fine form

For those of you with Apple, Inc. (AAPL) Macs who use Windows (as small a crowd as that may be) there's some good news regarding Windows 10.  If you ran into issues with Apple's Boot Camp 6 release which was meant to add official support for Windows 10, then relief may be just around the bend -- or available immediately if you're a subscriber to Microsoft's Insider Preview Program.

On Monday Microsoft's Windows manager Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) announced the availability of Windows 10 Build 10565 for Insiders on the Fast Ring.  The build tunes up many parts of the Windows UI.  Context menus get new options in the Start Menu.  Cortana gets smarter with new capabilities.  Title bars get "more vibrant."

Windows 10 Build 10565 brilliant bars 

The Edge browser gets new capabilities including a new Tab Preview and the ability to sync saved items, including Favorites and Reading Lists.  

Tab Previe

New icons abound, including an isometric Regedit icon.  

Windows 10 Build 10565 icons

But for me the real highlight was that the Build somehow fixed Boot Camp 6 (despite nothing being mentioned about this in the blog post).

First let me give some background.  Boot Camp 5 was happily coexisting with Windows 10 up through the final build in July.  But sometime in September it simply disappeared from the system tray, and the Apple-specific keyboard extensions (using the "Function" key) including the volume controls stopped working.  This was a mere annoyance as I could still manually adjust the controls.

But determined to fix the problem I downloaded Boot Camp 6 using a third party tool called Brigadier and attempted a manual reinstall of the Boot Camp drivers (which should in theory have worked).  That's where things went from bad to worse.  Now not only were the keyboard keys missing, but the default fonts started rendering poorly on my Retina display and sound completely died.  Did I mention the Boot Camp 6 installer died every time on the "Installing Realtek drivers..." message?

I searched Apple's knowledge base for answers.  Unfortunately, while it appeared some people had suffered similar issues with the current release or past releases, none of the suggestion solutions I came across seemed to work.  In general the answer seemed to be "reinstall bootcamp".  But attempting to install from either the Boot Camp 5 (using backed up installer files) did not work.  BootCamp was still ghosted.  Nor did repeated attempts to use the newer Boot Camp 6 files targeting my particular MacBook Pro.

(And yes, to state the obvious I did restart my machine after each attempt in hopes that it would take.)

But magically Windows 10 Build 10565 has fixed these issues -- all of them.  

Boot Camp

I have no idea exactly what has happened behind the scenese, but the sound is back, the keyboard shortcuts are working, and BootCamp has been restored to the system tray.

Windows 10 BootCamp
Before (top) and after (bottom): Build 10565 fixes Boot Camp 6 disappearance!

For other Boot Camp users who are suffering similar Windows 10 issues, I highly recommend joining the Insider program and grabbing Preview Build 10565.  It just may be the panacea to your driver woes.

Source: Windows [official blog]

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