Even skilled operators can make mistakes with these sensitive devices... keep your distance

In today's humorous video department, News Corp.'s (NWS) Fox News was hosting a segment on the upcoming Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) rules governing small drone use when a demonstration of how to "safely" use drones ended in near disaster.

The hosts had on a (supposed) expert drone hobbyist, WIRED and Popular Mechanics contributor Dave Mosher, who attempted to demonstrate how to safely fly a popular drone, the updated 2014 build of the popular "Phantom" quadcopter from China's Da-Jiang ("Great Territory") Innovations (DJI) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (You can tell the updated model by its half guard around the propeller blades versus the earlier models that had no such guard.)

The flight begins innocently, but quickly the drone travels too far into the studio, nearly taking out a camera operator.  Whoops.

Here's the GIF version [h/t Gizmodo for that]:

drone near crash

If truly unintentional, this does show why these devices need to be handled with care.  Whether the government should dictate use, though, is open to debate.

Sources: Fox News, via PetaPixel

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