The race to the bottom in the consumer sector is claiming another victim

Toshiba’s Satellite notebook line has been around for ages, but a restructuring at the company could mean that popular product lines that we have grown accustomed to over the years could be going away. Toshiba announced today that it would restructure its PC business unit to focus on more profitable markets, such as the business-to-business (B2B) sector.
The Japanese tech giant will put more emphasis on workstations and tablets that cater to businesses, and aims to venture into the Internet of Things (IoT) category, which seems to be a popular buzzword these days.

Things will see the most shakeup in the consumer space, as Toshiba sees it as “volatile and over-dependent on sales scale and volume.” As a result, Toshiba will focus on more profitable markets around the world and will reduce its global sales bases from 32 to just 13 during fiscal year 2014. The company has indicated which product lines may get the axe in the U.S. market, but we’re certain that we’ll get some guidance in the coming months.
The massive restructuring also means that 900 employees will be out of a job globally (which represents 20 percent of the employees in Toshiba PC business unit).
With the increasing race to the bottom when it comes to Windows notebooks, Chromebooks, and even tablets (the company just introduced a $119 Windows 8.1 tablet), it’s easy to see why Toshiba is looking to regain its footing.

Source: Toshiba

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