It may feature a $120 MSRP, but the Encore Mini will be priced at $99 the moment it hits store shelves

We’ve seen plenty of Android tablets hit the $100 price mark (and below), and there have been a few Chinese OEMs that have promised $100 Windows-based tablets. However, when a big PC OEM like Toshiba starts talking about an aggressively priced Windows-based tablet, we really start listening.
Toshiba today announced the new 0.78-pound Encore Mini, which is a 7” tablet that features a meager 1024x600 display, Intel Atom Z3735G processor (paired with 1GB of RAM), and 16GB of onboard storage. Toshiba also throws in a microSDXC slot for those that need more room for the music and videos. Toshiba does include both rear- and front-facing cameras into the Encore Mini, but don’t expect to take anything but muddy, washed out pictures with the respective 2MP and 0.3MP units.

The Encore Mini of course runs Windows 8.1 with Bing, which is provided to OEMs for free in exchange for producing low-cost devices for consumers. As an added bonus, Toshiba is also throwing in 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and an Office 365 subscription (each for one year) for free.

And while the specs are nothing to get too worked up about, the Encore Mini will carry a wallet-friendly MSRP $120 in the United States. More impressively, PC World states that the tablet will actually be priced closer to $100 when it hits the street.

Sources: Toshiba, PC World

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