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Over 1400 patents and apps are from the US

Qualcomm has announced that it has purchased a number of patents from HP. The patent portfolio includes patents for Palm, IPAQ, and Bitfone. Qualcomm says that the patent purchase helps to enhance its strength and diversity in the mobile technologies realm.
The patent portfolio that Qualcomm purchased has over 1,400 patents and pending patent applications from the U.S. The portfolio also includes about 1,000 granted patents and pending applications from other countries. The patents cover a wide spectrum of technology including “fundamental mobile operating system techniques.”
Qualcomm and HP haven't disclosed the financial terms of the deal.
According to an HP spokesman that went on record with The Verge, the sale of the patents will not change HP’s focus on mobile technology. “We will retain a license to these patents," said the HP spokesman.”
Qualcomm says that the purchase will enable the company to offer more value to current and future patent licensees.

Sources: Qualcomm, The Verge

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