New phones cost as little as $80 USD, offer modern perks

Today at the 2012 Mobile World Congress, Finnish phonemaker Nokia Oyj. (HEL:NOK1Vaired [press release] a series of new budget features phones, which offer some of the perks that modern smartphone consumers today enjoy, including apps, picture taking, social networking, and internet browsing.

The new phones target the "urban teenager in the likes of Indonesia, India, China, Brazil or Mexico."

While this may not have that much bearing on the American phone buyer's decision, it's critical for phone enthusiasts' understanding of the global phone market.  As the world's largest maker of feature phones, Nokia's Series 40 operating system and Asha line are extremely important.  This particular phone series has sold over 50 million units in 100 countries and represents Nokia's "mid-range" global phone.

The new Asha models, the 302, 203, and 202 are seen below:
Nokia Asha line
All of the phones use a cloud-browser, which uses data-compression techniques similar to Norwegian browser-maker Opera Software Asa (OSL:OPERA).  They also pack 40 free games from U.S. gamemaker Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), including "Tetris", "Need for Speed, The Run", and "Bejeweled".

Sources: Nokia [press release], [blog]

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