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It's $49.99 a year

Newegg launched a new annual subscription service that looks similar to Amazon's Prime offering, which allows customers special benefits for a yearly fee.

According to Newegg, it's offering customers a subscription called "Newegg Premier," which is in beta for now. 

For $49.99 a year, Newegg Premier customers can take advantage of benefits like free expedited shipping that guarantees item arrival in three days or less (you can also get discounts on one and two-day shipping); special alerts that let you know first when deals and events are approaching; waived restocking fees; quicker customer service; free returns with no shipping fees, and exclusive deals just for Premier members. 

Annual subscription fees for added benefits seem to be a successful model for Internet companies, as Amazon holds a similar offering with Amazon Prime. Prime is $79.99 a year and offers advantages like two-day shipping and greater access to its library of movies and TV shows.

If Newegg Premier sounds like a good deal to you, you can sign up here

Source: Newegg

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