Apple looks to give budget buyers a fresh model instead of previous year's leftovers

When it comes to "low-cost", entry-level iPhones, Apple usually prefers to discount previous generation models. For example, even though the iPhone 5 ($199 on contract) is Apple's current flagship smartphone, the company also offers the previous generation iPhone 4S ($99 on contract) and the even older iPhone 4 (free on contract) for budget shoppers.

Evidence continues to mount that Apple is looking to shake things up a bit with an all-new, low-cost entry to slot below its flagship iPhone model. China Labor Watch confirmed the new model in a 60-page report, and images of the phone in multiple colors were leaked to the internet.
Today, we have all-new high-resolution images of the purported iPhone 5C that show the smartphone’s rear shell and metal inner lining that the internal components attach to.

According to Mac Rumors, the new phone will launch alongside the next generation flagship iPhone next month.

Source: Mac Rumors

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