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Beta will test transactions using local currency

Microsoft has invited Xbox Live members from all around the world to sign up to participate in the public beta for the Xbox 360 2013 update.

While Microsoft hasn't offered all the details on what exactly the update will offer, we do know that the public beta is designed to improve overall performance and adds the ability to conduct transactions using local currency. This is in preparation for the Microsoft Points system to be retired later this year.

Signing up for this beta is accessed directly through the Xbox 360 console in an attempt to streamline the experience. The number of spots to participate in the beta is limited and once those spots are filled the beta will be closed to the public. To participate, users need to look for the Xbox Beta Program tile on the Home hub of the Xbox Dashboard.

The players will have to agree to nondisclosure agreement before they can participate. Xbox Live members from any of the 41 Live-enabled markets will be able to participate. 

Source: Major Nelson

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By Moishe on 7/9/2013 9:11:00 AM , Rating: 2
I understand that the conversion of currency to points makes it easier for Microsoft, Sony, etc... but I've always hated points.

When the values are 1:1 and you must purchase something like minimum of $5 increments into points and then the in game purchases 4 points.... You end up needing to put more dollars into their closed system than you want to spend. Now you've got $1 in points that is useless unless you put in another $5 to get the next item leaving you with another excess.

It's a game where the holder of the points currency wins because there is no way to convert points back into real currency.

conversion already happening
By Dr K on 7/9/2013 1:22:37 PM , Rating: 2
The conversion appears to already be happening. I made a purchase on Xbox Live recently, and the transaction used up my point balance and charged the remainder to my credit card. My MS point balance is now ZERO. I much prefer using real $ to using the MS points and welcome the change.

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