evleaks once again leaks an upcoming mobile product

Last month, Logitech teased its upcoming game controller for the iPhone that was developed under the Made for iPhone (MFI) initiative. Now, thanks to serial mobile devices leaker evleaks, we have a clear look at the controller:
Those looking for analog controls will be disappointed as the Logitech controller features a digital d-pad, four primary buttons, and a pair of triggers. Still, this suite of controls is still much better than tapping away at a screen in fighting and driving games.

The controller has cutouts for the iPhone's speaker and microphone, so you can still make/receive calls with the case on, albeit while looking like a total dork. There's also a cutout on the back for the camera and flash.

There has been no official indication of when Logitech plans to launch its iPhone gaming controller, but we'll place our bets on the keynote for the next generation iPad that is reportedly scheduled for two weeks from today.

Source: evleaks

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