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Whether the U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone was shot down, brought down by enemy interference, or simply crashed due to a malfunction shouldn’t be the most pressing issue anymore with the U.S. Military. The bigger problem is that the Iran is now showing off on state TV what it says is the downed drone, fully intact.
The drone was downed after it "[infiltrated] our country's airspace for spying missions," stated Amir Ali Hajizadeh of the Revolutionary Guard's Aerospace Forces. "This kind of plane has been designed to evade radar systems and from the view point of technology it is amongst the most recent types of advanced aircraft used by the U.S.," Hajizadeh added.
According to images from ABC News, the RQ-170 Sentinel appears to be fully intact (or at least placed back together after crash landing). This is likely to be a huge concern for the U.S. and represents an even larger technology/security breach than the "stealth helicopter" wreckage recovered during the Bin Laden raid.
Iran's state-run FARS News Agency goes on to brag about what a big blow this represents to the U.S. government:
Among the United States' main concerns is that Iran could use an intact aircraft to examine the vulnerabilities in stealth technology and take countermeasures with its air defense systems… The drone was programmed to destroy such data in the event of a malfunction, but it failed to do so. The blow has been so heavy that the US officials do not still want to accept that Iran brought down the plane by a cyberattack. Instead, explanations have focused on potential technical failures.
According to ABC News, the drone was operating a secret mission for the CIA before it "malfunctioned".

Sources: ABC News, CBS News, FARS News Agency

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