GM offers a glimpse at the front of the second generation Volt

The next generation Chevrolet Volt will be fully revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but that isn’t stopping General Motors from teasing the vehicle a few months ahead of schedule. The company today pulled the wraps off the front of the vehicle, allowing us to see its front grille/headlight setup.
In addition to the glimpse at the all-new Volt, some fresh details about some new functionality included on the vehicle were also revealed. The second generation Volt will feature GPS location-based charging, including the ability to set charging preferences when the Volt is parked at home. For instance, the Volt could be preprogrammed to only charge during off-peak hours when you arrive at home, or simply forgo off-peak scheduling and have the Volt fully charged and ready to go during a certain time of the day each week.
Other added functionality includes a new alerts system that provides tones to signal to the driver when the vehicle is charging and separate tones to indicate delayed charging. There will also be tones to alert the driver if the charging port door has been left open before you step in to take off on your daily commute.

In addition, the Volt will come with a longer, 25-foot 120V portable charging chord that can be locked to prevent nefarious parties from unplugging your vehicle from a charging station.
Unfortunately, not much else is known about the second generation Chevrolet Volt, but we do expect to see increases in the vehicle’s all-electric range and greater efficiency when the vehicle’s internal combustion engine kicks in.

Source: General Motors

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