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Satis toilets all have the same Bluetooth PIN and can be controlled by anyone using them

Many of today’s gadgets and appliances can be synced with a smartphone and hacked, so why not the toilet?
Yes, you read that right. Satis brand toilets have the ability to deoderize, rest, and play music through a smartphone app, but there’s just one issue – it can easily be hacked.
Trustwave Holdings, an information security company, recently published an advisory regarding the Satis toilets saying that each one has the same Bluetooth PIN – meaning that anyone with the “My Satis” Android app can control any Satis toilet.
It’s easy to see why this could be an issue. Imagine the temptation of sifting through the app and starting the bidet or air-dry function on a toilet that some unsuspecting person is using.
Toilets have received a lot of attention in the tech world recently. Last year, Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates launched the "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge" where he asked scientists, inventors, designers and students to change current toilet designs around the world in order to not only increase efficiency, but also provide alternatives to poor nations without access to water.

Source: The Atlantic

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