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Lanzhou, China  (Source: Bing)
The latest Aerial release includes 165 terabytes of new data

Bing has announced a new Aerial release to its Maps service, which happens to be its largest satellite release yet.

The latest Aerial release includes 165 terabytes of new data, which include satellite imagery and Global Ortho photography. The new imagery covers North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia with almost 38 million square kilometers covered.

The Global Ortho release totals 160 Areas of Interest (AOI) and stretches 1.03 million square kilometers. Now, Bing has a total of 1,266 AOIs over 9.54 million square kilometers.

According to Bing, this is its largest satellite release in Bing Maps' existence. Before the 165 TB of new data, there was only 129 TB of Aerial footage total, bringing the new total to 294 TB.

The new data can be seen in Bing Maps and the Bing Maps World Tour App.

Source: Bing

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