Apple iOS 8.3 beta 2 now available to developers

Developers now have access to Apple iOS 8.3 beta 2, build 12F5037c, with the update available in the iOS Dev Center. 

It looks like Apple wanted to ensure iOS 8.3 is a major update after its final release.

[Image Source: Ars Technica]

Similar to other beta releases from Apple, iOS 8.3 beta 2 is designed for developers so they are able to test hardware compatibility.  The update is shipping with Xcode build 6D5321 and Swift 1.2.

Siri languages update added support for Russian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, and English in India.  These language updates were anticipated based on increased Apple job listings for localized translators.

The iOS 8.3 beta 2 release is available to developers now.  [Image Source: Apple]

Beta 1 for iOS 8.3 was released in early February, with added support for CarPlay connectivity, faster log in for Google services, and a new revised emoji keyboard.  However, Apple did say “the dialog that appears when connecting an iPhone to a CarPlay-compatible car is not functional,” and Verizon’s Voice-over-LTE service still isn’t supported.

Apple received criticism that iOS 8 was too slow while running on the iPhone 4s and 5, so the iOS 8.3 beta 2 greatly improves speed:

The arrival of a second beta of the upcoming release is a somewhat curious development, as Apple has yet to make iOS 8.2 available for iPhone and iPad users.  In fact, there have been five pre-release builds to date, but Apple wanted to finalize the release and shift focus towards iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.2 also is in beta testing.  A final iOS 8.2 build is expected in March, with an iOS 8.3 public beta scheduled for mid-March.

Sources: Cult of Mac, Apple Insider

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