Apple stands to lose more than a billion in compensation in the case

In the rumor stages leading up to the launch of the iPad in 2010, there were several names thrown around for Apple’s tablet. Many thought that the device would land as the iTablet and when it did land, the iPad name was made fun of by many because it sounded like some sort of feminine hygiene product.
Not many people are poking fun at the iPad now that it is selling in droves and dominating the tablet market.
Apple, however, has hit a snag in China, one of the areas where big growth for tech firms is predicted. A Chinese firm called Proview Technology has filed a suit against Apple for infringing on the iPad trademark that it holds in the country. Proview apparently field for the trademark on the iPad name back in 2000 before Apple put the tablet with the same name onto the market.
Making the story more interesting is the way that Apple was able to get access to the trademark for use in Britain. Fox News reports that Proview Taiwan had sold the global trademark to a company in the UK, who then transferred the trademark to Apple. However, the iPad name in China was apparently not part of the sale to the UK firm and still lies with Proview.
A Chinese court has ruled that Proview owns the trademark for the Chinese market and Apple is at fault for selling the iPad in China. Proview is seeking more than $1 billion in compensation from Apple in the trademark infringement case.

Source: Fox News

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