Fingerprint scanners coming to Apple gear?

Mobile and network security company AuthenTec is known for its fingerprint readers/sensors which are embedded in a number of notebooks and other devices. The company today announced that it has been acquired by Apple for a price of $8 per share which works out to about $356 million in cash.

Reuters reports that the deal represents a premium on AuthenTec stock of 58% based on Thursday's closing price of $5.07 per share.
The deal was confirmed by an 8-K filing made by AuthenTec noting that the company entered into an intellectual property and technology agreement with Apple. The deal allows Apple to acquire a non-exclusive license to AuthenTec hardware and software technology including its patent portfolio.
The deal allows Apple license the patents on a non-exclusive basis for up to $115 million. AuthenTec has 200 filed and issued patents in the United States. Apple is also paying the company $7.5 million for non-recurring engineering services with any new research conducted belonging immediately to Apple.
AuthenTec has notable customers including Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia.  

Sources: The Next Web, Reuters

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