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Angry Birds Space  (Source:
Angry Birds Space has hit 50 million downloads in just 35 days

Angry Birds has undoubtedly become one of the most popular mobile games of all time, but it looks like the latest version, Angry Birds Space, is claiming the top spot for fastest growing mobile game ever.

Rovio announced that Angry Birds Space, which launched last month, has hit 50 million downloads in just 35 days. This breaks all records any previous mobile game has hit, making Angry Birds Space the fastest growing mobile game of all time.

"We extend our deepest gratitude to all fans of Angry Birds everywhere," said Rovio in a statement. "While numbers like this certainly say something about the popularity of Angry Birds, for us the main goal is to keep creating fun new experiences that everybody can enjoy! We just launched the first free update for Angry Birds Space, with plenty more surprises in stock."

Rovio brought Angry Birds to space with the help of NASA engineers like Don Pettit. PC, Mac, iOS and Android users can launch various types of birds at the enemy pigs using a whole new set of moves based on a zero-gravity environment in Angry Birds Space. The new game features 60 levels with six new characters and powers.

In addition to the game's release, toys, books and other merchandise have become available to the public in order to promote the new space venture.

Source: Rovio

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I was at Frys
By tayb on 4/30/2012 4:49:31 PM , Rating: 5
I was at Frys and I noticed a huge display of Angry Birds candy...

This is getting silly...

RE: I was at Frys
By sprockkets on 4/30/2012 5:38:19 PM , Rating: 2
Someone had an angry bird sticker on the back of their car. It's been ridiculous.

Join in the campaign against the angry birds war:

RE: I was at Frys
By StevoLincolnite on 5/1/2012 12:24:01 AM , Rating: 2
I think what makes it silly is how Angry Birds isn't really a genre defining game, it has nothing new or innovative that hasn't been done before.

All it has going for it is the characters, which to me... Look like something out of Pokemon.

RE: I was at Frys
By ET on 5/1/2012 5:52:17 AM , Rating: 2
It's not silly. It's all about execution. Probably for every very successful game it's possible to point to a game that came before it which had similar concepts.

RE: I was at Frys
By Alexvrb on 5/1/2012 7:05:24 PM , Rating: 3
Bingo. Everyone knows its "been done before" but they really lined everything up just right. So while I don't care much about Angry Birds as a game, I can respect what they've done as a company.

RE: I was at Frys
By Belard on 5/1/2012 10:37:11 PM , Rating: 2
WORMS comes to mind. That series of games were quite fun - excellent two player game.

But WORMS can be confusing to people with its 20+ different worm attacks... Angrybirds is a simple version, a puzzle more than tactics.

Its simplicity works on a small screen so it does well. On a Wii or xBOX... I doubt it.

RE: I was at Frys
By espaghetti on 5/1/2012 12:52:31 PM , Rating: 4
You're just going to make them more angry.

RE: I was at Frys
By dsx724 on 4/30/2012 8:44:34 PM , Rating: 2
Not to mention the loss of productivity.

RE: I was at Frys
By cyberguyz on 5/2/2012 7:53:16 AM , Rating: 2
Y'know, I was sitting on a customer call once with a couple of my software developers. We asked our customer to do something with their system so they were away from the phone for almost 20 minutes while we were sitting there waiting.

So I whipped out my cell phone & fired up Angry Birds Rio without turning the sound off or muting my landline headset. Next thing I see is one of the devs pinging me on our internal group chat... "Are they playing angry birds?".


RE: I was at Frys
By inperfectdarkness on 5/3/2012 2:39:14 AM , Rating: 2
"...that man is playing Galaga"

/Tony Stark

RE: I was at Frys
By Fritzr on 4/30/2012 9:26:45 PM , Rating: 2
Silly is when you see Angry SuperHeroes & Angry Toons...

Oops I have seen them ... DC/Marvel Super Heroes and Looney Toon characters on Angry Bird balls as T-Shirt designs.

The Angry Birds are invading!!

RE: I was at Frys
By BZDTemp on 5/1/2012 1:32:27 PM , Rating: 2
It has been silly for a long time.

I love that games has become widespread acceptable but I hate how it's a stupid games that everywhere. It sucks for the people missing out and it sucks when people think that I as a gamer has been spending time on crap like that.

I hope the Angry Bird people feel a little ashamed instead of just being happy for all the money they made.

Could have been 50.1M
By corduroygt on 4/30/2012 6:08:43 PM , Rating: 3
If only they released a WP7 version :)

RE: Could have been 50.1M
By Reclaimer77 on 4/30/2012 8:20:47 PM , Rating: 1
LOL I see wut you did thar

RE: Could have been 50.1M
By Mitch101 on 4/30/2012 11:38:24 PM , Rating: 2

Windows Phone Is 'Beautiful', Better Than Android: Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak prefers his Windows Phone to Android, but the iPhone is still his favourite. The Apple co-founder believes that Microsoft has hired a former Apple employee to work on the Windows Phone user interface. Either that, or Steve Jobs has been reincarnated at Microsoft.

RE: Could have been 50.1M
By corduroygt on 5/1/2012 1:01:27 AM , Rating: 2
End result "the iPhone is still his favorite"
Especially if he wants to play Angry Birds Space.

RE: Could have been 50.1M
By B3an on 5/1/2012 7:19:24 AM , Rating: 2
Who would want to play this game specifically made for retards anyway... oh yeah, iSheep users.

And who cares what Woz says, of course he's going to say he still prefers the Apple toy. He only helped make the company and still has a stake in it.

RE: Could have been 50.1M
By B3an on 5/1/2012 7:39:02 AM , Rating: 2
Oh i love how Woz says things like:

"I'm just shocked, I haven't seen anything yet that isn't more beautiful than the other platforms"


"I'll be carrying the Windows Phone everywhere."

And has even said (but not quoted on the site):

"apps looks so much better on Windows Phone than on IOS or Android"

But then it's like something clicks in his head reminding him that that he's in the Apple camp. So he's basically like:

"Oh yeah... erm... still like my iPhone best. Yep!" *cough*

RE: Could have been 50.1M
By sprockkets on 5/1/2012 8:03:40 PM , Rating: 2
The phone that is the best is the one that is best for you .

I personally hate MS for their utterly beyond careless behavior on security and their anti-competitive actions during my time using them from 1992-2004. I don't like Apple for their behavior and attitude of treating me like a retard.

Those personal reasons, however, will not prevent me from recommending though what is best for others.

RE: Could have been 50.1M
By ianweck on 5/4/2012 10:41:08 AM , Rating: 2
their utterly beyond careless behavior on security

Doesn't this apply to Apple as well?

Only improvement I saw was...
By Spookster on 5/1/2012 6:36:33 PM , Rating: 2
The only improvement I saw in this version was they figured out how to drain my phone battery faster.

RE: Only improvement I saw was...
By ramuman on 5/4/2012 12:44:28 AM , Rating: 2
...and another dollar.

"A politician stumbles over himself... Then they pick it out. They edit it. He runs the clip, and then he makes a funny face, and the whole audience has a Pavlovian response." -- Joe Scarborough on John Stewart over Jim Cramer

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