They are sent directly to the Promotional folder

Android users have started to see advertisements pop up in their new version of Gmail, as expected, but what may be unexpected is that they're really not that bad.

According to Phandroid, the Gmail 4.6 update for Android offers mobile advertisements for the first time. This isn't a huge surprise, considering reports found code (strings, 8 classes, and even a full library with "Ad" in their names) that suggested advertisements were on the way in the Gmail APK. 

Also, the desktop version of Gmail has had ads since its 2004 launch, so it was inevitable that mobile would eventually get the same treatment. 

Image Source: Phandroid

Android users were initially unhappy with this news, as ads tend to be annoying and invasive. But Phandroid reports that the new ad system isn't so bad.

The ads look just like regular emails from major companies, which many people already receive when they sign up for company updates, coupons, etc. Also, these ads are sent directly to the Promotional category folder, meaning that they won't bombard your personal email folder or pop-up when least expected. If you never look at your Promotional folder, you'll never be bothered. The only headache here may be that you have to delete some extra mail.

Source: Phandroid

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