Qi charger works upright or lying flat

ADATA has announced a new wireless charging product that the company says is a breakthrough in inductive charging. The device supports the Qi wireless charging speculation and is called the Elite CE700 Wireless Charging Stand. The device is able to charge smartphones that support Qi from the factory or with an accessory case supporting the wireless charging standard.
With a compatible phone, all the user has to do is set the phone on the charge plate to get power. The CE700 has a textured rubber base to prevent the phone form slipping and an aluminum back cover. The design allows the charger to be used when lying flat or sitting upright.

The CE700 is designed to enter power saving mode when not in use. The upright mode of the stand also allows the use of the smartphone while it charges. The charger also has an LED charge indicator that tells you when it is charging and when there is a problem.
The CE700 is available for order for $49.99.

Source: ADATA

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