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The NPUs could be used in artificial vision sensors and even smartphones

Qualcomm has created chips that are capable of learning about their environment and behaving accordingly, and they're ready for commercial development. 

According to it news, Qualcomm announced the new chips at the EmTech Massachusetts Institute of Technology conference this week. The idea is to use them in the medical field as well as mobile devices like smartphones. 

The chips -- called neural processing units (NPU) -- aim to work like a brain, where computer circuits imitate neural structures and have the ability to learn their environment and behave differently from these experiences. 

Qualcomm and its partner for the venture, Brain Corporation, have already created prototypes of the chips. They're now preparing for commercial design and development.

The NPUs have already been tested. They were used in a four-wheeled robot that can be trained to learn navigation using the commands "good robot" and "bad robot." 

In the future, the NPUs could be used in artificial vision sensors and even smartphones, where the devices learn their users' habits and act accordingly for greater convenience. 

Qualcomm chief technology officer Matt Grob said that his company and its partners will design and manufacture the NPUs by next year.

Qualcomm isn't the only company to do this. Back in August, IBM revealed the latest version of its neuron-based chips as part of its SyNAPSE (Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics) program. 

Source: it news

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