Skeptic site offers payout for scientific proof of threat just issued a bounty of $125,000 to anyone able to demonstrate that human-induced climate-change is a threat to the planet.

The contest, entitled "The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge," is being advertised via a YouTube video entitled Can You Save Al Gore?.


The sum is a 25% increase over the previous offer of $100,000 prize announced two months ago. To win, one must scientifically prove both that anthropogenic (human-generated) greenhouse gases are causing global warming, and that the net results will be more harmful than positive through the year 2100.

So far no entries have been received, a response founder Steven J. Milloy finds "surprising." However, Milloy says the offer is genuine and assures everyone that he and his financial backers are good for the money.

Milloy has more than the $125,00 at stake.  "If it's a matter of money, Al Gore and the alarmists should just come out and tell us what sum it will cost the rest of us to see what proof they have," Milloy elaborated.

Contestants have until December 1, 2008 to submit their entries.  Winners, if any, will be announced on February 1, 2009.  All submissions require a $15 entry fee as well.

More details and offer rules are available at

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