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Prince is know for his unusual sense of style and funky jams, loving and partying. Now he be known in the file sharing community as "the man".  (Source: Prince)
The prince tells the Pirate Bay "Party over, oops out of time"

The Pirate Bay is the Internet's largest Torrent tracker, and has been for some time now.  However while other trackers and piracy advocates tend not last very long, The Pirate Bay is actively stirring the pot.

For a short time the organization tried to raise money to buy the island nation of Sealand, and more recently it obtained the domain, formerly occupied by the IFPI, the RIAA's parent affiliate.  However, its legal battles have come to boil, with Swedish authorities issuing charges against five Pirate Bay admins -- only two of which have actually been identified.

Now The Pirate Bay has a surprising new nemesis in the form of the chest-baring, fashioning setting, funk-rock jammer Prince.  Prince, recently gave away his album for free in the British newspaper the Mail On Sunday, infuriating his record label

Now Prince has taken a surprising stand in the other direction.

Prince Rogers Nelson sees it as his right to defend his copyrights against all who might dare commit what he sees as infringements upon them.

Prince plans to launch a triad of attacks, with lawsuits in the U.S., Sweden, and France (France, being known for its strong copyright protections), which aims to put The Pirate Bay's funky feel-good days to an end.  Prince is also suing companies who advertise on The Pirate Bay.

Prince added some hired guns in the form of John Giacobbi, President of Web Sheriff, and the rest of Web Sheriff to help coordinate his fiery legal onslaught upon on the pirates.

Giacobbi already launched into allegations stating that The Pirate Bay makes $70,000 monthly in advertising revenue, a charge The Pirate Bay denies.

The Pirate Bay is not the only one who Prince is hoping to make cry like a wounded dove.  Prince stated his desire to "reclaim the Internet" and in recent months has become a champion for militant copyright protection, announcing that he would take legal action against YouTube and Ebay, as well as The Pirate Bay.

YouTube chief counsel, Zahavah Levine, apparently unimpressed by Prince's legal wrath issued a unconcerned response, "Most content owners understand that we respect copyrights.  We work every day to help them manage their content, and we are developing state-of-the-art tools to let them do that even better. We have great partnerships with major music labels all over world that understand the benefit of using YouTube as another way to communicate with their fans."

The Pirate Bay also responded, with Pirate Bay admin brokep stating that the organization was not been contacted by Prince, and that Web Sheriff has been sending them take down notices for a prolonged period, which The Pirate Bay's filtering software conveniently trashes.

However, even with the world's greatest funkmaster on their heels, all is business as usual at The Pirate Bay.  Just last week prosecuters in Sweden vowed to take action against the organization, even though the site continues to adhere to Swedsh copyright laws.

Giacobbi, of Web Sheriff countered, "They'll either have to come out and fight or just try and ignore it. In that case, we're going to win a default judgment against them. This could be a ticking time bomb for them.  They can't outrun this. We are very confident."

There have also been unconfirmed reports of Prince shutting down fan web sites for use of his images, lyrics, songs, or likeness.

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By Chris Peredun on 11/19/2007 4:10:08 PM , Rating: 2
After reading the article, my opinion hasn't changed.

Though I am glad he's now The Artist Known As Prince - as I don't think the DailyTech character set includes the "Love Symbol."

By KristopherKubicki on 11/19/2007 4:13:16 PM , Rating: 2
As many times as Puff Daddy wants to change his name, Chaim Witz provides the most sage advice for name-changing, "Don't."


By Parhel on 11/19/2007 4:53:22 PM , Rating: 2
Have you listened to any of Prince's recent releases? If you did, you might change your mind. I'm a big fan of Prince, and I think his music today is even better than the music from his most commercially successful years.

By Vanilla Thunder on 11/19/2007 5:13:12 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. Musicology is a SICK f'ing album.


By UppityMatt on 11/19/2007 11:50:01 PM , Rating: 5
That good huh? I guess ill head right on over to the pirate bay and download myself a copy then.

By glitchc on 11/20/2007 6:18:49 PM , Rating: 2
Never worked in Monkey Island. No surprise it got rated down here.

By Parhel on 11/20/2007 10:06:52 PM , Rating: 2
At least someone caught the reference. Thank you!

By 16nm on 11/19/2007 5:04:08 PM , Rating: 2
The Artist Known As Prince

Yeah, what's the deal with that?? I thought Prince changed his name to some symbol that was not used in any alphabet anywhere and now I see him here as "Prince" again. It's very confusing.

By DigitalFreak on 11/19/2007 5:23:54 PM , Rating: 4
He's a douche

By Parhel on 11/19/2007 5:55:20 PM , Rating: 4
He changed his name back to Prince in 2000 between the releases of "Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic" and "The Rainbow Children."

The reason he changed his name in the first place was to get out of his recording contract. I don't think he ever took the name change too seriously.

I mean, the first song he released after changing his name to a symbol was called "My Name is Prince." Also, whenever he makes mention of his moniker "The Artist" in his songs, it's usually to poke fun at himself.

By GaryJohnson on 11/19/2007 7:25:16 PM , Rating: 5
You know far too much about this...

By Parhel on 11/19/2007 9:09:13 PM , Rating: 5
Guilty as charged. :)

Actually, I was holding back. I was about to start citing lyrics as examples when I thought "no, these people probably aren't interested in my vast knowledge of Prince trivia."

By tmouse on 11/20/2007 8:44:33 AM , Rating: 5
Probably just as well, you would not want to get sued ;)

Prince is way out of control
By kmmatney on 11/19/2007 5:11:30 PM , Rating: 5
Back in 1988 my high school class had a lipsynch contest, and one of the songs was a Prince song. With my 20 year reunion coming up next year, I posted some old videos of the show. The videos are old and grainy. Two days later, I received a copyright threatening message and the Prince lipsynch was deleted. No other videos had a problem. I reposted it, making sure to not put the word "Prince" or any song titles in the description, and the second upload wasn't taken away.

I was the lead singer for the village people is this video:

RE: Prince is way out of control
By FITCamaro on 11/19/2007 5:27:30 PM , Rating: 2
I seriously don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life. You should get a 6 just for admitting to that.

And the sad thing is, something like that would never be allowed today.

RE: Prince is way out of control
By glitchc on 11/19/2007 6:23:04 PM , Rating: 2
:D Awesome!!!

FIT, exactly what wouldn't be allowed anymore and why? We had talent performances like this all the time in high school, and that's around 1997-98

RE: Prince is way out of control
By FITCamaro on 11/19/07, Rating: 0
RE: Prince is way out of control
By christojojo on 11/19/2007 10:37:28 PM , Rating: 2
Not only if one is vehemently anti-gay but because so many pro-gay and the "PC" nazis (i used this phrase once at at faculty meeting nobody but five teachers and the Principals and I was dressed down then written up for "using the term Nazi too freely" as he put in his paper of love (I mean corrective action).

People get fidgety about the weirdest things and overlook others. A Village People lip sync, now a days could be construed as anti-gay by the same knuckleheads (sorry, to offend any Harley Davidson fans out there ;) )that enforce PC.

RE: Prince is way out of control
By robinthakur on 11/20/2007 5:37:32 AM , Rating: 2
I don't think so. I'm gay and I have no problem with Village People lip syncs...if people really want to do it, then far be it from me to stop them humiliating themselves. Didn't Colin Powell do that not that long ago?? I saw it on the BBC. Whilst I wouldn't describe myself as 'pro' gay, (I don't really know what you mean by that, given that the opposite, logically 'anti'-gay, would mean homophobic, and then I'd be a hypocrite), although the term PC-Nazi is all too accurate sadly.

RE: Prince is way out of control
By christojojo on 11/20/2007 10:29:35 AM , Rating: 2
In my own experience the groups "offended" seldom mind the joke or complement. (If they are they usually say so.) It is the PC Nazis that use PC as a form of control and groups of people who don't understand the cultures they are trying to "protect" that over-react.

I just feel it is sad that we are now a society of people who say what other people think we should out of fear. We now are neither a people of true compassion nor a people who value honor.

BTW: Pro-gay and anti-gay are just polar opposites. AS a rule if you put them together and cross the beams * you get the Degeneres effect (a severe "outing" that backfires on both groups. ;)

* Yes, I know it is supposed to be streams but the connotations were a little too much for this site.

RE: Prince is way out of control
By mmntech on 11/19/2007 8:52:39 PM , Rating: 2
Wasn't he threatening his own fan sites with copyright infringement suits? Something over the use of his image. Talk about bitting the hand that feeds you. Prince reminds me of Michael Jackson. A bizarre caricature of a human being of parts and gender unknown.

RE: Prince is way out of control
By MagicSquid on 11/22/2007 10:06:03 AM , Rating: 2
I read an article a couple weeks ago about him going after his own fan's websites that had his likeness or pictures from concerts, live performances and whatever else on their websites. Apparently even pictures of Prince TATTOOS had to be removed. Hey Prince, if you're reading this, here's some legal advice: a person who's such a die hard fan that they are willing to get a tattoo of your likeness is exactly who you don't want to sue! We all knew Prince was nuts. This just proves it.

The same Prince?
By Bladen on 11/20/2007 3:39:29 AM , Rating: 2
That just got into strife for chaining a male escort up to a wall?

One of my colleges pondered if the male escort was asking Prince; "Do you really want to huuuuurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?"

RE: The same Prince?
By robinthakur on 11/20/2007 5:24:53 AM , Rating: 3
Err no, that's Boy George, not Prince...!

RE: The same Prince?
By Bladen on 11/21/2007 5:14:21 AM , Rating: 2
Oh crap, my mistake!

Ol squiggle still has fans?
By jskirwin on 11/19/2007 4:09:50 PM , Rating: 5
There have also been unconfirmed reports of Prince shutting down fan web sites for use of his images, lyrics, songs, or likeness.

So he declares war on his fans just like the record companies declared war on their customers. No surprise I suppose.

Once again
By SavagePotato on 11/19/2007 4:35:22 PM , Rating: 3
Once again prince proves he is a crackpot of the first order.

Chances are he gave his latest album away out of the realization that nobody was going to buy it anyway.

However that would require a rational thought process, so that can't be it.

RE: Once again
By andrinoaa on 11/20/2007 1:37:55 PM , Rating: 2
He is not a crackpot. He is using this to try remain relevant.
What better way to attract publicity? Be controversial, spit in someones face etc. Its the old Rock and roll formula done to death. You have to rock the boat to stand out.
Come on guys see it for what it is. LoL

At least...
By CKDragon on 11/19/2007 9:35:40 PM , Rating: 3
At least if the blouses win the Pirate Bay gents will be offered some delicious pancakes.

RE: At least...
By Brandon Hill on 11/19/2007 10:20:13 PM , Rating: 2
I was wondering how long it would take before someone referenced the thumbnail :-)

As Kevin Smith said...
By Verran on 11/19/2007 4:16:54 PM , Rating: 4
Prince has been living in Prince-Land for too long. He doesn't understand why he can't take down TPB by himself.

By NickWV on 11/19/2007 4:24:32 PM , Rating: 4
This is especially true when it comes to The Pirate Bay. They are not violating any of the Swedish laws so the lawsuit is pretty much pointless.

Go read some of the hilarious commentaries from some of the DMCA takedown requests they have posted. I swear some people think that a law in the United States is valid in other countries. Likes its a big bubble that surounds them and moves wherever they go?

I would laugh my ass of if the first day The Pirate Bay admins are in court they provide overwhelming documentation proving they act within Swedish law and that the claim if frivolous, and they get an award from the opposing side for wasting the courts time.

Web Sherriff
By Cygni on 11/19/2007 4:14:03 PM , Rating: 3
Giacobbi, of Web Sheriff countered, "They'll either have to come out and fight or just try and ignore it. In that case, we're going to win a default judgment against them. This could be a ticking time bomb for them. They can't outrun this. We are very confident."

Confidence doesnt rewrite copyright laws... the same ones that Web Sheriff has already failed to apply against TPB. TPB has nothing to fear unless Sweden changes their copyright laws.

Abused by Prince Movie.
By Mitch101 on 11/19/2007 4:23:17 PM , Rating: 2
Could I sue Prince for his movie "Under the Cherry Moon" on the grounds of abuse?

LOL, I love this...
By JackBurton on 11/20/2007 12:37:18 AM , Rating: 2
LOL, I love this comment...

The Pirate Bay also responded, with Pirate Bay admin brokep stating that the organization was not been contacted by Prince, and that Web Sheriff has been sending them take down notices for a prolonged period, [b]which The Pirate Bay's filtering software conveniently trashes.[/b]

Freakin' hilarious! I think everyone should host all of Prince's albums in one BIG discography and post the tracker on TPB. That would be great! :)

Perhaps A Tidious Task...
By Quiescent on 11/20/2007 8:04:28 AM , Rating: 2
I think this might be a great strategy to play out... I require anyone who has my music to have the ID3 tags filled out. And I tell them do not fill them out or change them. I knew this one guy who claimed music that was featured in Fruity Loops Studio his own. This is one thing that really pisses me off. I don't like people who claim other people's work their own.

I think The Pirate Bay should only accept music with the ID3 tags filled out to a T. All the way down to the © Copyright Someone Someyear.

Unfortunately, the pirate community has a lot of music which has no ID3 tags filled out. A lot of music basically goes without a know on who made it. For instance this song I get called "Techno - Bass" Well who the hell made it? I want to know who made it. The ID3 tags weren't even filled out. I obviously couldn't find a band called "Techno". I think that this is bullcrap.

All in all, it may be a tidious task to filter out music with their ID3 tags filled out, but believe me. This would show that the pirate community is not infringing on any copyrights. Just sharing. And also that we credit the artist and do not agree with people claiming music someone else made as their own.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain
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