The new look of the PlayStation Store  (Source: SCEA)
Sony's PlayStation Store gets a much-needed revamp in two weeks

Sony fully embraced the concept of downloadable content when it launched the PlayStation Store alongside the PS3 console in 2006. Rather than creating a new custom front-end for its online outlet, Sony opted to use the console’s web browser to access what was essentially a web page, making it slow and unresponsive at times. While Sony’s solution functioned adequately, shopping gamers felt that it left much to be desired.

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that its PlayStation Store will be receiving a much-needed revamp sometime in mid-April, with a new, more dynamic look and improved navigation.

The new store version will be run natively (or at least cached) on the PlayStation 3, enabling a much quicker browsing experience. Also completely overhauled will be the interface, which will be sorted akin to Microsoft’s implementation on Xbox Live Marketplace.

In order for Sony to complete construction on its new PlayStation storefront, no new content will be put on virtual store shelves after April 3 until launch. After completion, a firmware update will be required for users to access the new PlayStation Store.

No date was giving for the launch of the new store, but Sony mentioned in its press release that the re-opening will happen in time for the release of Gran Turismo 5 Concept, which will be available both in stores and online on April 17.

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