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Sony's Kaz Hirai reveals more PlayStation 3 details and the PS3 controller gets an official name

SCEA President and CEO Kaz Hirai is the subject of a Kikizo video interview discussing various PlayStation 3 topics. While some of the information contained in the video were covered by previous interviews with Jack Tretton and Phil Harrison, Kaz Hirai delves into the topics just a little deeper. 

Hirai talks about Sony’s first showing of the PlayStation 3 to the public at TGS, PlayStation profitability, losing exclusive games such as Assassin’s Creed and GTA4, hardware launch availability, more Blu-ray, and why the controller lost rumble. 

On the topic of the PlayStation 3 controller, Kaz Hirai refers to it as the “Sixaxis” – the name describing the controller’s ability to sense six axes of motion. The official name of the controller was confirmed as soon as it hit the Japanese PlayStation site. 

Also found on the Japanese site was pricing for its PlayStation 3 accessories to be launched with the hardware. The Sixaxis will cost 5,000 yen (~US$42), a remote control for 3,600 yen (~US$30), and a memory card reader used to transfer old PSone and PS2 saves for 1,500 yen (~US$13). Pricing outside of Japan has yet to be announced.

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