Black Friday boosts Sony PlayStation hardware sales across the board

A price drop can work wonders in enticing customers who are on the fence to buy. Such is the case for the PlayStation 3, which saw sales triple during the Thanksgiving buying week.

Sales of PlayStation 3 experienced a 245 percent jump in the week of November 18-24 compared to the previous week. While Black Friday draws out armies of shoppers, Sony said that the sudden surge of sales was largely due to the price cuts introduced on October 18.

Sony’s other systems also performed well during Thanksgiving week, with PSP sales up 136 percent and PS2 sales up 287 percent compared to the previous week.

The 80GB PlayStation 3 dropped from $599 to $499; and on November 2, Sony launched its entry-level PlayStation 3 at $399, which includes a 40GB hard drive and further simplified hardware. According to Sony, the release of the 40GB model – the cheapest PlayStation 3 yet – has spurred sales to increase 298 percent between November 2 and November 24.

While Sony did not release unit figures, GameSpot extrapolates from October NPD numbers that around 321,750 PS3s were sold in November through Black Friday in North America. If those figures are accurate, Sony will likely have its most successful month this year.

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