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Reports are flooding in that PlayStation 3 is unable to upscale its video output, leaving many with older HDTV's, including those from Sony, out in the cold of standard definition.

Early word came in from the NeoGAF forums, where users with 1080i TV sets tried to run Resistance: Fall of Man, only to find that the game would force a switch down to 480p. The reason behind this is that Resistance runs at a native 720p resolution. If the game is played on a television that does not support 720p, which applies to many older HDTV models, then instead of upscaling to 1080i to retain its HD status, it downscales to 480p, losing much graphical fidelity. 

"Sony and Insomniac, I am very, very dissapointed. Resistance will not output in 1080i. It's either 720p, or a 480p blur fest. What a pain in the ass it's going to be to change the screen resolution in the XMB everytime I want to play. Not to mention having to deal with the bad quality resulting from my CRT HDTV's crappy upscaling algorithms," wrote forum member Vincey37.

When attempting to run Resistance on a TV set not running in 720p, the following message is displayed: 

"The maximum display resolution is currently set to 1080i. For highest image quality 720p is recommended. To change this setting, you must exit the application and change your Video Output Settings from the Display Settings option in the Settings menu. Press the START button to continue"

A response from a supposed Insomniac developer read, "This isn't our fault guys - we were set to support it," without going into further details. 

So the situation right now is that anyone with an HDTV that's capable of only 480i, 480p, and 1080i will be unable to play games such as Resistance, NHL 2K7, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 and Need for Speed Carbon at anything higher than 480p.

Upscaling is currently found in many HDMI DVD players that convert 480p images to 720p or 1080i, producing slightly improved picture quality. the Xbox 360 also upscales its games (albeit with analog component output instead of HDMI), which nearly all are developed to run at 720p, to 1080i for those who are unable to run at the native resolution.

Sony has yet to comment on reports of this discovery, and it is unknown whether or not this apparent oversight can be addressed via system updates.

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