Sony BMG faces lawsuit after French software company discovers pirated software on company servers

Sony BMG is pretty well known for acting like the piracy police, recently attacking Baidu, Yahoo, and Sohu. Well, it seems the tables have turned on one of the top music labels. The music giant is being accused of software piracy by French software company, PointDev.

It all began back in November of last year when a Sony employee ran into some trouble with Ideal Migration, software that allows businesses to centralize the administration of servers and client accounts.  The Sony employee contacted PointDev, a company that makes Windows administration tools, for some tech support. After learning that the employee had not registered the software, PointDev did a little digging and discovered that the key that allows customers to use the software beyond the trial version was pirated and had been in use since the end of 2004.

In January, the software maker mandated a bailiff to seize Sony BMG’s assets and found that four of its servers had the illegally installed software, reported European Digital Rights. PointDev CEO, Agustoni Paul-Henry, is claiming €300,000 damage (a little over $475,000) but has made it a point that this is not about the money.

"We are not interested in an amicable settlement. It is not just a question of money but more importantly in principle," claimed Paul-Henry.   He also took a bold stance stating, “According to the Business Software Alliance, an association of the major publishers in the market, 47% of programs used in the company would be unlawfully in France ...”

The question remains if this was the work of a single employee or if Sony BMG was behind this. PointDev CEO sure has his opinion on the matter. “I think piracy is linked to the policy of a company. If the employee has the necessary funding to buy the software they need, it will. If this is not the case, he will find alternative ways, as the work must be done in one way or another."

What makes this so interesting is the level of hypocrisy on the part of Sony BMG. After spending much time chasing music pirates, puckering their lips as the MPAA and RIAA take a bow, and even going as far as installing rootkits on customers’ computer to fight piracy, the music label has finally taken a right hook square in the jaw.

Sony BMG has declined to comment and seems quite upset that this was even made public, possibly giving credence to PointDev’s claim about the company’s policy. 

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