The LG B (center), appears to be much brighter than the iPhone 4 (left) and the Galaxy S (right).  (Source: Phandroid)

LG B (right) is slimmer than the iPhone 4 (left).  (Source: Phandroid)

What appears to be a spec sheet, with the LG B as "B", Galaxy S as "S", and iPhone 4 as "R".  (Source: Phandroid)
The LG B is slimmer than an iPhone 4, with more than double the brightness

LG appears to be really upping its ante in the high-end smartphone market in 2011. First, we have the announcement of the world's first dual-core smartphone, the Optimus 2X. Now, Phandroid has gotten their hands on some shots of an ultra-bright, ultra-slim Android-based device that could take the iPhone 4 to task in either department.

The device, codenamed the LG B, appears to be brighter than both the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S, and is slimmer than "the world's slimmest smartphone," the iPhone 4.

Little else is known about the device, except that it boasts a 4-inch IPS LCS screen, and that its brightness can more than double that of the Galaxy S and iPhone 4.

Pricing, availability, and any further information is unknown at this time. But the LG B looks to be a promising Android-based contender.

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