A 5" flexible display by Philips Polymer Vision is making the rounds at CES

Philips Polymer Vision used CES 2006 as a showcase for its rollable display technology. The display was shown running a version of the Windows Mobile operating system which is used on PocketPCs and Smartphones.

The PV-QML5 is a 5” QVGA monochrome display with 4 shades of gray and features a 10:1 contrast ratio. Considering that this is a first generation device, there is room for improvement in the form of higher contrast ratios, high-quality color reproduction and larger panel sizes.  The building blocks for such a display is actually deep rooted in LCD TFT displays.  However, rather than using a glass substrate with a backlight source, the PV-QML5 has no backlight and relies on the high contrast properties of the materials used.  The TFT is also printed on a flexible plastic cover rather than a glass substrate which allows it to bend

The possibilities for this display technology are endless. Imagine for example eyeglasses made of this material. You could have your own HUD displaying sports scores, weather information and stocks as you walk down the street. It may even be possible to stitch the flexible display into clothing allowing people to serve as mobile, dynamic advertising vessels. These thin and flexible displays are the wave of the future so it's only a matter of time before more companies join the fray to make production of such technology feasible for large scale deployment.

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