According to a report, a security firm has managed to decrypt files damaged by the recent Petya ransmware attack.

The solution only works if the administration privileges were secured to the machine by the attacker. Positive Technologies said the concept is currently too technical for most average computer users to run. “ Once you have a proof of concept of how data can be decrypted, the information security community can take this knowledge and develop automatic tools, or simplify the methodology of getting the encryption reversed.” said the firm’s Dan Tara.  


Also, the company posted in a blog that the creators of the ransomware made mistakes in programming the encryption algorithm Salsa 20 that was used with administration rights.


According to Head of Reverse Engineering Dmitry Sklyarov. The qualities of data recovery depend on many factors such as disk size, free space and fragmentation and for large disks it may reach to 100% that contain many standard files, such as Operating Systems and application components that are identical on many machines and have known values.”

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