Dunn continues to do whatever she can to try and prove that she is innocent

Former Hewlett-Packard chairman Patricia Dunn yesterday pleaded not guilty to felony fraud and identity theft charges in a San Jose court room.  Dunn, along with four others related to the HP scandal that has rocked the computer world, are facing four felony counts with each charge carrying a possible three-year sentence. 

To help defend against the four felony counts and much public scrutiny, Patricia Dunn decided to take her story to the Internet. The site, set up by her sister several weeks ago, includes Dunn's congressional testimony and letters of support from friends and colleagues.

Dunn has continued to claim her innocence ever since the drama started grabbing national headlines.  Former Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina, a notorious CEO who has been far from popular, began looking into leaks to the press in 2005.  After Fiorina was replaced, Dunn alledgedly broadened the investigation until the source of the leaks was discovered.  The Palo Alto company then apparently hired an outside agency which obtained private phone records through pretexting -- a practice involving the creation of fake identities and deception -- and also went as far as looking through journalists' garbage.  

Pui-Wing Tam, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, is one of the journalists that HP carried out surveillance on. One of HP's investigative firms also used pretexting to get Tam's phone records for her home, office and cell phone. Tam also claims she had her personal life investigated -- including her wedding, husband's life and instant messaging logs.

To head over to check out Dunn's site, click here.

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