Passenger Rescue Drone Airborne ‘by 2020’

According to a report the passenger drone completes its first low-level flight in November 2016.  This has been developed over fifteen years ago and used by military for rescue. Where in June another passenger drone -184 made by Chinese company Ehang, received an approval for test flights in Nevada.
The Urban Aeronautics Air Mule, that formerly Air Mule or Mule, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) codename Pereira.  This unmanned flying object designed by Rafi Yoeli and built by Tactical Robotics LTD, which is a subsidiary of URBAN AERONAUTICS LTD. As it was reported, a flying object that is safer than helicopter and can be used on evacuations from buildings and places with minimum access.


Developers’ Urban aeronautics believes the dark green drone with internal rotors rather than propellers (on helicopters) could evacuate people from hostile environments or safe military access.
For me this is another vehicle like Black – Hawk or X- Hawk that is being use by military. According to a report in 2004 this vehicle’s concept was started and at June of 2008 a scale –down technology with a new flight control system flew by Panda.   
Then after every year this vehicle was improved and used for different purpose at the testing stage and improvement was done year-by-year accordingly Later on the name was changed and worked on hover control system, free hovering and low –speed flight maneuvers. Full flight envelope testing, finally changes on the Design, flight stability including speed and safety, and the sensors (laser, GPS, climate sensor was added), the flight control system, and Ground control with communication devices.

So, this is now being worked on to make such a vehicle safe and easy to use. But it is uncertain that when this drone will be put use and where. However since the concept is there, then soon or later it will become a reality.
As we aware that Amazon started (the trials) suing drones to deliver parcels to UK, and Fed-x might be the next.  A number of systems are being tried but the current favorite one seems to be a combination of airplane and part helicopter, that it can fly 50mph for 10 Miles or more away from the base at a height of around 350 ft.  Of course the other companies such as FEDEX and UPS do the same.

Where the commercial drones are becoming big business, with Amazon and others announcing Prime Air, a delivery by drone service in the summer.
But there is still a lot of technological work needs to be developed and done to make such vehicles safe to sue for a travel. This groundbreaking technology comes to the market it will change the way humans move in cities faster through the accessible air. Ravi Vaidyanathan from Imperial’s department of mechanical engineering said that “the recent flight of the Israeli done could be a “landmark” moment in low altitude navigation and initially targeting it for humanitarian rescue and military use in the right move”.

Cormorant, billed as a flying car, is capable of transporting 1000 lbs. and traveling at 115 miles per hour, which is an improvement from 50mph with estimates price tag at $14 M.

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