The company is even calling the site "New Pandora"

Things were beginning to look somewhat grim for internet radio company Pandora earlier this year when Pandora's user base was growing faster than the ads sold to support the network, which raised concerns as to whether the company would be profitable in the future or not.

But now, Pandora has launched an entirely new website after a year of planning, designing and beta testing. The company is even calling the site "New Pandora," according to Pandora's Blog.

New Pandora remains a personalized radio site, but offers a variety of new features. It's more responsive and easier to use thanks to the new HTML5 look, which also better integrates the social aspect of Pandora.

Other new features include a simplified creation station, discovery of music with friends, enhanced artist information, improved control and unlimited listening.

The simplified creation station is exactly what the name insinuates -- the same old creation station made simple. There are now personalized suggestions and enhanced auto-complete choices to make the creation of new stations more intuitive and personalized.

New Pandora also makes discovering music with friends a fun and simple process with enhanced listener profiles and a new centralized music feed that acts much like Facebook where users can "like," comment and share what users are finding on Pandora. The "share" button allows Pandora users to share favorite stations via Facebook, Twitter or email as well, since each station has its own URL.

The enhanced artist information allows users to learn more about artists, music, lyrics and expand album art size.

New Pandora offers improved control, with responsive buttons like play, pause, thumbs up, thumbs down and even a new shuffle feature for a variety of music based on the users like and dislikes.

Perhaps one of the most welcomed changes to Pandora is the unlimited listening feature. Pandora used to have a 40-hour listening cap, but on New Pandora, users can listen to as much music as they want for free.

New Pandora changes will become available over the next few days. Pandora is also looking for feedback on the completely revamped site, and encourage users to leave comments here.

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